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C3084        Corporate Plan 2016-20 (L) (Scrutiny CommitteeS - ALL) –


Endorsement was sought for the Corporate Plan 2016-20.


The existing Corporate Plan was approved in 2013 and set out a vision for the Council up to 2017 and was structured around eight corporate priorities.  In June 2015 Cabinet agreed that a review of the current plan should be undertaken and agreed a way forward and a timetable for the review (Minute C2822 refers). On 14 December, 2015 Cabinet agreed a draft Corporate Plan for consultation which had been circulated to partners and been made available to the public via the Council's website (Minute C3011 refers).  Each of the Council's five Scrutiny committees considered the draft plan in January and the revised plan was then reported to Scrutiny Committee (Corporate Resources) on 9 February, 2016 for any further comments.


The draft Corporate Plan attached at Appendix A to the report set the Council's priorities for the next four years as well as its vision, values and well-being objectives. The Council's Medium Term Financial Plan outlined how the Corporate Plan was to be funded.  Work had been undertaken to ensure that the plans were aligned and reflected the priorities for the Vale of Glamorgan.


The draft plan began by setting the scene in terms of key facts and figures about the Vale of Glamorgan as an area, the Council as an organisation and the Council's vision and values. The plan detailed the factors that had influenced the new plan's creation which included:


  • information regarding what had been achieved through the Corporate Plan 2013-17
  • an overview of local needs e.g. demographic trends
  • available resources and the need to reshape services to meet future challenges
  • details of staff engagement activities
  • engagement with partners and residents
  • the importance of partnership working
  • the Council's duties under the Well-being of Future Generations Act.

The delivery element of the draft plan was framed around four well-being outcomes and there were two well-being objectives to support each outcome. Workshops were held on each of the proposed well-being outcomes and these informed the development of the well-being objectives and associated actions.


The final parts of the plan demonstrated the Council's approach to strategic planning and recognition of the need to have robust arrangements in place. This was followed by details of actions which would support integrated planning and which would be instrumental to ensuring the Council had the foundations in place to promote sustainable development.  Details of how the plan would be monitored were included towards the end of the plan.


External consultation was undertaken between 9 December, 2015 and 20 January, 2016.  Vale of Glamorgan residents and relevant stakeholders were invited to submit comments on the draft Corporate Plan either online, in writing or via the Council’s contact centre. Amendments had been made to the plan in light of comments received and a copy of the feedback report was attached at Appendix B to the report. The feedback report detailed the comments made and any subsequent changes that had been made to the plan.


The vast majority of respondents agreed with the objectives identified in the draft Corporate Plan. The joint Corporate Plan and budget consultation exercise also demonstrated that the Council should continue to look at new ways of delivering services and work closely with the local community.


This was a matter for Executive and Council decision


Cabinet, having considered the report and all the issues and implications contained therein


RESOLVED – T H A T the changes to the Corporate Plan 2016-20 be noted and, following any further required amendments, the Plan be submitted to Council for consideration on 2 March, 2016.


Reason for decision


To ensure the Council had an effective and up to date Corporate Plan that reflected the work being undertaken across the Council to improve the quality of life in the Vale of Glamorgan.



Report to Cabinet