Agenda Item No. 3


Supplementary Document


Licensing Sub-Committee 16 February 2017


Application for the grant of a Premises Licence – Tresilian Wood, St Donats




Members are advised that the applicant has contacted the Licensing Authority to advise of further discussions held between the applicant and one of the parties making representations, UWC Atlantic College.  The initial representation is contained at Appendix E of the report.  In summary, the applicant is proposing additional conditions which will be outlined to the Sub-Committee at the meeting for consideration.   As a result of receiving this information, the emails indicate that UWC Atlantic College wishes to withdraw their representations, subject to the additional measures being adopted.

The email exchange of correspondence between the Applicant and UWC Atlantic College, indicating the current position, is attached to this supplementary document at Appendix A.  Also the email from UWC Atlantic College to the Licensing Authority indicating the withdrawal of their representation is attached at Appendix B.



Members are requested to note this additional information.


Yvonne Witchell -Team Manager Licensing

14 February 2017