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Cabinet reviewed the current municipal recycling bring site arrangements in light of on-going user problems and forthcoming budget challenges.


The provision of local recycling bring sites was largely historic with many sites introduced long before the current comprehensive kerbside recycling arrangements were put in place. When the service reverted to the Council from Biffa Municipal Waste Ltd on 1 December, 2013 there was a total of 30 bring sites in operation, ranging from a single bank within a public house car park to multiple banks at major supermarkets.


When servicing the bring banks, it became apparent that many, if not all of the isolated sites were either being used by commercial undertakings or were being used insufficiently, and the relevant Ward Members were consulted in December 2013 as to whether these sites should be removed. The sites in question are listed below:


1.         The Three Horseshoes Inn, Moulton;

2.         The Carpenters Arms, Eglwys Brwys Road, Llantwit Major;

3.         Dinas Powys Golf Club, Highways Avenue, Dinas Powys;

4.         The Bush Inn Church Crescent St Hilary (already entered into a private contract with Biffa for recycling collections);

5.         Penarth Conservative Club, 15 Stanwell Road, Penarth;

6.         Manor House Hotel, Sully Road, Penarth;

7.         Llandow Caravan Park, Llandow Trading Estate;

8.         Sea View Labour Club, Lower Pyke Street;

9.         Acorn Caravan Park, Rose Dew Farm, Llantwit Major.


The overwhelming majority of Ward Members' responses advised of no objections to their removal, with the exception of the site located in Llancarfan.  All these sites had been removed.  Since doing so, there had been no service requests or complaints relating to their removal.


All bring sites had suffered from an element of public fly-tipping and abuse and over the last few years needed to be regularly cleansed by the Council's Waste Management & Cleansing (WM&C) team, representing an additional workload. There were a number of 'bring sites' within the Vale of Glamorgan that suffered significantly from this illegal and anti-social behaviour, particularly those located at:


1.         Former Court Road CA Site, Barry

2.         Cliff Tops Car Park, Penarth

3.         The Butts, Cowbridge

4.         The Green, Partridge Road, St Athan.


More recently there had been increased abuse and fly-tipping experienced at the Morrison's Car park site and Bron y Mor site at the Knap in Barry.


The public abuse of these sites had resulted in significant enforcement and clean-up costs with many resident complaints, and their continued provision was considered more of a burden than an advantage to the Council.


Due to the current comprehensive recycling kerbside collection service, the problems being experienced at sites and the availability of 2 HWRC sites at opposite ends of the Vale, it was proposed to remove all the remaining bring sites from 31 January, 2015.


At the meeting the Cabinet Member for the Environment and Visible services tabled photographs illustrating the misuse to the current bring sites.


This was a matter for Executive decision.




(1)       T H A T all the current municipal bring sites be removed as from 31 January, 2015 with the exception of those located within the Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC's) at Barry and Llandow.


(2)       T H A T a further report be provided to Cabinet six months after the removal of the sites detailing the full implications of the decision and in particular the affects on recycling performance.


(3)       T H A T the report be referred to Scrutiny Committee (Economy and Environment) for information.


Reasons for decisions


(1)       To authorise the removal of bring sites and to better utilise existing kerbside collection and HWRC arrangements, thereby also reducing operational costs.


(2)       To assess the full implications of the decision with particular reference to recycling performance.


(3)       To seek the views of the relevant Scrutiny Committee in respect to this proposal. 



 Attached as Appendix – Report to Cabinet – 28 NOVEMBER 2014