Agenda Item No 8

The Vale of Glamorgan Council


Scrutiny Committee (Economy and Environment): 8th March 2016


Report of the Director of Environment and Housing Services


Traffic Management Task and Finish Group of the Scrutiny Committee - Update on Actions Undertaken


Purpose of the Report

  1. To update Members on the progress made last year (2015) on the implementation of the actions contained within the Traffic Management Task and Finish Group Report (2014).


  1. That the report and update on the Transport Task and Finish Group Implementation Plan as detailed at Appendix A to this report be accepted and referred to Cabinet for approval.
  2. That Scrutiny Committee receives a further update on delivery of the Transport Task and Finish Group Implementation Plan as part of the Local Transport Plan update report that will be presented in February 2017.

Reasons for the Recommendations

  1. To apprise Members and seek Cabinet approval.
  2. In order that the Scrutiny Committee can monitor progress on the Plan.


  1. The Traffic Management Task and Finish Group Report was considered by this Committee on 29 April, 2014 and an update report on progress was received on 14 April, 2015. One of the recommendations of that report was that the Scrutiny Committee receives updates on the delivery of the Implementation Plan in April 2016.

Relevant Issues and Options

  1. The Report at Appendix A, provides a detailed update on the Implementation Plan.
  2. As can be seen at Appendix A, those recommendations highlighted green are either completed or are on track for completion. Those recommendations highlighted amber, are currently being progressed / actioned, and those highlighted red, have not yet started.
  3. The Appendix illustrates that actions have not been progressed to date. However, there is a commitment to consider these final two actions over the coming year.
  4. In view of the fact that the majority of actions have been significantly progressed or are complete, and that the majority of the actions are duplicated within the adopted Local Transport Plan (2015), it is recommended that the two work stream reports are combined in the future to enable Committee to receive updates in one single report from 2016/17 onwards.

Resource Implications (Financial and Employment)

  1. All 28 improvement actions contained within the Plan have been progressed either internally using existing funding, or delivered through Transport Grant, S106 finance or S278 Highways works as a part of new development, Capital funding, or other Grants that have become available either through the public or private Sectors.

Sustainability and Climate Change Implications

  1. The local transport network and its services aid sustainable accessibility and the reduction of single occupancy car movements, therefore having a positive impact on sustainability and climate change.

Legal Implications (to Include Human Rights Implications)

  1. When delivering Transport schemes, the relevant Highways, Transport and Education Act measures and guidelines need to be complied with. There is a duty on local authorities to comply with the current Regional Transport Planning (Wales) 2006 Act and Local Transport Authorities legislation.

Crime and Disorder Implications

  1. It is anticipated that the number of road traffic accidents in the Vale, particularly those involving children and young people, will be reduced as a consequence of delivering the initiatives within the LTP.
  2. A safe and accessible transport network will have a positive impact on crime and disorder.

Equal Opportunities Implications (to include Welsh Language issues)

  1. The concept of equal opportunities is a fundamental principle that underlies all of this Council's policies and the guidance relating to LTPs deals with Welsh Language and English Language matters equally.

Corporate/Service Objectives

  1. The schemes identified within the Plan, will improve the quality of life for residents and visitors in the Vale.
  2. The provision of safe pedestrian and cycling routes, as well as public transport, provides alternative means of travel, and ensures good accessibility for those without access to private transport. This links with the Council's objectives for social wellbeing and tackling disadvantages.

Policy Framework and Budget

  1. This report is a matter for Executive decision by Cabinet.

Consultation (including Ward Member Consultation)

  1. Ward Members have not been consulted as this report affects all Wards.

Relevant Scrutiny Committee

  1. Economy and Environment.

Background Papers


Contact Officer

Clare Cameron - Principal Transport & Road Safety Officer Tel. 01446 704768

Officers Consulted

Head of Visible Services and Transport

Legal Services (Committee Reports)

Operational Manager Development Management

Accountant, Visible Services & Transport

Operational Manager Highways and Engineering

Responsible Officer:

Miles Punter - Director of Environment and Housing Services