Agenda Item No 6


The Vale of Glamorgan Council


Scrutiny Committee (Housing and Public Protection): 9th October 2013


Report of the Director of Development Services


Quarter 1 Development Services Performance Report 2013/14


Purpose of the Report

1.             To present performance results for quarter 1, 1st April - 30th June, 2013-14.


1.             That Committee note service performance results and remedial actions to be taken to address service underperformance.

2.             That Committee note progress to date in achieving key outcomes as outlined in the Corporate Plan 2013-17 and the Improvement Plan Part 1 2013/14.

Reasons for the Recommendations

1.             To ensure the Council is effectively assessing its performance in line with the requirement to secure continuous improvement outlined in the Local Government Measure (Wales) 2009.

2.             To consider the quarter 1 Development Services performance results as at 30th June 2013 in order to identify service areas for improvement work.

3.             To meet the Auditor General, Wales' improvement proposal to ensure that:

  • intentions are expressed in a way which allows progress to be measured; and that
  • reporting arrangements consistently provide Members with an evaluation of performance in the context of the objectives the Council is aiming to achieve.

4.             To enable the Council to demonstrate achievement of its objectives and identified outcomes.


2.             Service plans for 2013/14 have been revised in accordance with the proposal for improvement and are now designed to focus on the achievement of key objectives within each Directorate which will in turn contribute towards the achievement of identified outcomes.  Service plans reflect the revised Corporate Plan 2013-17.

3.             Quarterly performance reports have been revised to reflect the new service plans and are designed to ensure the Council reports performance in the context of progress against its objectives.  A new framework has been developed in Ffynnon to record performance information against objectives.

4.             The revised performance report is structured as follows:

  • An overview provides a snapshot of the Directorate's progress towards achieving the objectives contributing towards its service outcomes. It highlights progress towards key actions in the Corporate Plan 2013-17 and the Improvement Plan Part 1 2013/14 for which the Directorate has lead responsibility. This section will also include Outcome Agreements once they are agreed with Welsh Government.  Examples of exceptional performance during the quarter are highlighted as are key areas of slippage and the planned remedial action to bring these back on track.
  • A brief evaluation is provided of each service outcome outlining overall progress (including actions and performance measures) towards achievement.
  • Detailed progress is reported for each service objective looking at all actions broken down into completed, on track, slipped and not started actions. Progress is provided for all performance indicators using the traffic light system (red, amber and green).  A 'red' status relates to measures that have missed target by more than 10%; 'amber' relates to performance within 10% of target and 'green' to performance that is on or has exceeded target.  All areas of underperformance identified include a reason for the poor performance and proposed remedial actions.

Relevant Issues and Options

5.             The service is well on track to achieve the objectives contributing to its service outcomes, with 87% of actions currently either completed or on track.  Of 44 corporate plan actions in the service plan, 86% (38) are either completed or on track for completion, 5 have slipped and 1 has not started. There are 3 actions relating to the improvement objectives and 1 is on track for completion, 1 has slipped and 1 has not started.

6.             Of 43 performance indicators, 19 have met or exceeded target, 2 are within 10% of target, 6 have missed target by more than 10%.  9 indicators are new and have no targets set. Data was unavailable for 7 indicators.

7.             In terms of exceptional performance the Leisure Centre Partnership with Parkwood has proved to be a huge success, both in terms of reducing costs and improving the experience to the customer as a result of the implementation of improvements to all centres. 

8.             Work has progressed at pace in terms of delivering the Barry Regeneration Area programme for 2013/14 with over £3m budgeted for enhancements at Barry Island.  At the same time the Council has submitted a competitive bid for new regeneration funding under the Welsh Government Vibrant and Viable Places programme.  New developments continue to be instigated with the realisation of S106 planning obligations, through effective negotiation with developers.

9.             Appropriate remedial action has been identified to progress service slippage. The Phase 3c tender relating to the Castleland Renewal Area has commenced and the programme of works will be implemented once accepted [DS/01/A001 (CP/R12)].

10.        Work with our partners continues in order to enhance and regenerate Penarth Esplanade ensuring sustainable links with the town centre and Penarth Haven.  To this end liaison continues with the developers of Beachcliff and also PACL in terms of the restoration of the Pier Pavilion.  We have also met PACL to discuss transport options.  Discussions will also be held with the Town Council regarding the potential for working together on enhancements [DS06/A082 (CP/R1)].

11.        Our review of land holdings at Cardiff Airport Business Park will now be undertaken as part of the Council's input into the work of the Enterprise Zone and master planning process for the zone [DS06/A107 (CP/R8)].  Given the fact that the Welsh Government and Vale of Glamorgan Council are working in partnership on a masterplanning exercise for the Enterprise Zone, it is likely that the review of land holdings will be delayed, pending the conclusion of the masterplanning exercise.

12.        A programme of Level 2 food hygiene and food safety management training has been scheduled to take place in quarters 2 and 3 for local businesses which will help increase the percentage of businesses achieving a food hygiene rating score of 3 or more [DS/01/A009 (CP/CPS50)].

13.        The introduction of a framework contract to improve delivery of adaptation works [(DS01/A011 (IO/02)] has been shelved due to implications of the delivery model on the Council's RSG and capital allocation and officers are currently reviewing alternatives.  Performance and customer satisfaction with adaptations for 2012/13 will be reported to Members during quarter 2 [DA01/A012 (IO/02)].

14.        As part of the review of the local biodiversity plan, 3 new areas have been identified for the establishment of a rare plant throughout the county [DS08/A114 (CP/E7)].

15.        [DS02/A024 (CP/CPS3)] has slipped as emphasis has been on covering vacant posts with the service.  We will be seeking to work with schools, governing bodies and parents on a procedure for the provision of a School Crossing Patrol service.

16.        A detailed report of the Directorate’s overall performance is provided at Appendix 1.

Resource Implications (Financial and Employment)

17.        There are no additional budgetary implications arising from this report although underperformance in some areas may have a negative impact on external assessments of the Council and could put certain funding opportunities at risk.

Sustainability and Climate Change Implications

18.        Underperformance issues relating to sustainability will be given due consideration both corporately and within the relevant service areas.

Legal Implications (to Include Human Rights Implications)

19.        The Local Government Act 1999, the Wales Programme for Improvement and the Local Government (Wales) Measure 2009 require that the Council secure continuous improvement across the full range of local services for which it is responsible.

Crime and Disorder Implications

20.        Underperformance issues relating to crime and disorder will be given due consideration both corporately and within the relevant service areas.

Equal Opportunities Implications (to include Welsh Language issues)

21.        Underperformance issues relating to equalities will be given due consideration both corporately and within the relevant service areas.

Corporate/Service Objectives

22.        The Corporate Plan 2013-17 outlines community leadership as a priority for the Council.  Improving how the Council evidences and reports achievements of its outcomes and objectives contributes towards effective community leadership.

Policy Framework and Budget

23.        This is a matter for Executive decision.

Consultation (including Ward Member Consultation)

24.        The information contained within the report is based on quarterly returns provided by service directorates on Ffynnon.  An overall Council report on performance has been considered by Cabinet.  Quarterly performance reports are reported to relevant Scrutiny Committees.

Relevant Scrutiny Committee

25.        Economy and Environment

26.        Housing and Public Protection

Background Papers

27.        Quarter 1 Performance Report, Cabinet, 23 September 2013

Contact Officer

Julia Archampong, Performance Manager.


Officers Consulted

Corporate Management Team

Huw Isaac, Head of Performance and Development

Beverly Noon, Operational Manager – Corporate Policy and Communications


Responsible Officer:

Rob Thomas, Director of Development Services