Agenda Item No. 9


The Vale of Glamorgan Council


Scrutiny Committee (Social Care and Health): 16th June, 2014


Report of the Director of Resources


Assistive Technology - Task and Finish Group - Scope


Purpose of the Report

1.         To appoint the membership of the Task and Finish Group and to approve the scope for the Group.


1.         That the Committee confirms the membership of the Task and Finish Group to possibly comprise of 6 Members, (2 Labour, 1 Conservative, 1 Plaid Cymru, 1 Llantwit First Independent and 1 Independent) and that the first meeting of the Group be undertaken as soon as practicable following its establishment.

2.         That the proposed scope and timescale for the review be approved as attached at Appendix 1 to the report.

3.         That reports of the Task and Finish Group be referred to the Scrutiny Committee (Social Care and Health) for consideration.

Reasons for the Recommendations

1&2. To progress the review.


3.      To seek comments / approval on any recommendations of the Group prior to referral to Cabinet.


2.         All five of the Council's Scrutiny Committees, in considering their work programmes for 2014 /15, were requested to put forward items for consideration for review and also made aware that any Task and Finish Groups that were agreed would be based on the general assumption that no new Group would commence prior to the priority 1 review being finalised.

3.         The five Scrutiny Committees identified their priorities for review as follows:

·           Corporate Resources and Economy and Environment - Fleet Management -  including vehicle acquisition, vehicle telemetry, fleet size, funding method, replacement policy, workshops and their location, fuelling arrangements, emissions policies etc.

·           Housing and Public Protection - New Opportunities for Homes - the Vale needs new homes in both owner-occupied and Social Housing sectors, but conventional funding for affordable homes is always likely to be limited - to consider different ways to provide new homes and consider ways of how to make better use of existing houses.  

·           Lifelong Learning - At its meeting on 17th March 2014 the Scrutiny Committee,  having considered its current work programme, the number of issues that it intended to consider throughout the year, together with the number of School Performance Panels that were likely to take place over the coming months, agreed to not submit a review for consideration this time.

·           Social Care and Health - An examination of the potential contribution assistive technology can provide in the development of a dementia-supportive community in the Vale of Glamorgan through enabling people to live independently.  

4.         Furthermore, a Member had also submitted a request for a Gypsy and Traveller Task and Finish Group - with the purpose of such a group being to complete a review of all Council-owned land allocated for housing to be linked to the Gypsy and Traveller Strategy and to oversee delivery of adequate sites.  

5.         The suggested topics were then put forward to the Scrutiny Committee Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen Group at its meeting on 30th April 2014 where it was agreed that the first priority for a Task and Finish Group Review for 2014/15 would be an examination of the potential contribution assistive technology can provide in the development of a dementia-supportive community in the Vale of Glamorgan through enabling people to live independently.

6.         In undertaking the review it is envisioned that following meetings / sessions will be arranged:

·           Demonstration of a range of assistive technology equipment;

·           Briefing session by the Telecare Manager of the service within the Vale of Glamorgan;

·           A detailed review of the budgetary and financial considerations;

·           Meeting with a Service User and his or her Carer; and

·           An assessment of the findings from the joint review with Cardiff regarding the provision of Telecare.

7.         On completion of these and depending on the findings of the review up to this stage, careful consideration of the further work of the Group will take place.

Relevant Issues and Options

8.         Attached at Appendix 1 to this report is a proposed review scope outlining the objectives and desired outcomes for the review, the information that would be required, the methods to be employed in undertaking the review and details of the timescales, including start and finish dates.

Resource Implications (Financial and Employment)

9.         The establishment of a time limited Task and Finish Group is considered to make optimum use of limited resources.  In view of the fact that no new Group would commence work on a review prior to other work being finalised, it is recommended that the Task and Finish Group undertake its first meeting as soon as practicable following its establishment.

Legal Implications (to Include Human Rights Implications)

10.      None as a direct consequence of this report.

Crime and Disorder Implications

11.      None as a direct consequence of this report.

Equal Opportunities Implications (to include Welsh Language issues)

12.      None as a direct consequence of this report.

Corporate/Service Objectives

13.      To work with partners to ensure people with suffering with dementia in  the Vale are well informed and supported to access a broad range of quality services that enable them to take full advantage of the life opportunities available in the local community and beyond.

Policy Framework and Budget

14.      This is within the Scrutiny powers to establish Task and Finish Groups in accordance with the Council's Constitution. 

Consultation (including Ward Member Consultation)

15.      No specific consultation on this report has been necessary.

Relevant Scrutiny Committee

16.      Social Care and Health

Background Papers

Annual Report of the Director of Social Services 2013-14

The Social Services Directorate Service Plan 2014-15

The Cardiff and Vale Dementia 3 Year Plan

Contact Officer

Jeff Rees, Principal Officer, Democratic Services Officer, tel: 01446 709856

Officers Consulted

Lance Carver, Head of Adult Services/Locality Manager

Jeff Wyatt, Operational Manager, Democratic Services

Responsible Officer:

Siân Davies, Director of Resources