Agenda Item No. 7


The Vale of Glamorgan Council


Scrutiny Committee (Social Care and Health): 16th June, 2014


Report of the Director of Social Services


'Together for Mental Health': Local Delivery Plan


Purpose of the Report

1.         To update Scrutiny Committee on the local response to the national strategy 'Together for Mental Health' and implementation of the Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan Together for Mental Health Delivery Plan.


1.         That Scrutiny Committee notes the content of this report.

Reason for the Recommendation

1.         To inform Scrutiny Committee of progress made in collaboratively developing services which will deliver the outcomes defined in the 'Together for Mental Health' Strategy.


2.         Welsh Government introduced its 'Together for Mental Health Strategy' in October 2012. It sets out an ambitious programme of improvements and outcomes for promoting mental health and preventing mental illness. The Strategy recognises the significant impact of mental health problems on the individual, the family, the local community and more widely on the economy.  As a consequence, it brings together a description of intended strategic outcomes for people of all ages, and places responsibility for promoting mental health and preventing mental illness across all national and local public bodies.

3.         The Strategy is focused around six high level outcomes:

·           The mental health and wellbeing of the whole population is improved

·           The impact of mental health problems and/or mental illness on individuals of all ages, their families and carers, communities and the economy more widely, is better recognised and reduced.

·           Inequalities, stigma and discrimination suffered by people experiencing mental health problems and mental illness are reduced.

·           Individuals have a better experience of the support and treatment they receive and have an increased feeling of input and control over related decisions.

·           Access to, and the quality of preventative measures, early interventions and treatment services are improved and more people recover as a result.

·           The values, attitudes and skills of those treating or supporting individuals of all ages with mental health problems or mental illness are improved.

4.         It introduces the need for local Mental Health Partnership Board to oversee multi-agency implementation. These bring together representation from local authority adult services, children’s services and housing and other key partners including a wide range of NHS Clinical Boards, police, probation and prisons, third sector organisations, and representatives of service users and carers .

Relevant Issues and Options

5.         The Cardiff and Vale Mental Health Partnership Board was set up in 2013 to lead on developing the local Delivery Plan in line with the outcomes set out in the national strategy.

6.         The Cardiff and Vale Delivery Plan is attached at Appendix 1 and it contains sections to address the following areas.

a. Promoting better mental wellbeing and preventing mental health problems

A vision document that sets out our local priorities for delivering improved services for people living with mental health problems has been developed in order to engage a wider range of stakeholders to promote mental wellbeing in the whole population.

A number of achievements have already been made in this regard:

·           Introduction of a GP service in mental health wards to ensure people's physical health receives proper attention.

·           Improved training for a wider staff group to raise awareness of mental health issues.

·           Introduction of Peer Support workers in mental health services.

·           Joint working with Job Centres.

·           Creation of a Community REACT service for older people with mental health problems to support people at home.

Priorities for next year are further development of a suicide prevention strategy and a 'Talk to Me' Action Plan.

b. A new partnership with the public

The Partnership Board involves service users and carers but acknowledges the challenges that face service users, carers and the wider public when getting involved in strategic development.  It is exploring various ways to develop a co-production ethos throughout the partnership.

Developments to date include:

·           An extended contract with Advocacy Support Cymru, to provide formal and informal advocacy.

·           An ongoing contract with Cardiff and Vale Action for Mental Health to provide support and opportunity to service users and carers in becoming involved in the co-production of service provision through the Sefyll and Nexus projects.

·           A 'Shared Decision Making' pilot project is being rolled out to ensure that individual Care and Treatment plans are produced together.

Priorities for next year include making services available through the Welsh language and improved accessibility of services for hard-to-reach populations.

c. A well designed, fully integrated network of care


As well as influencing universal community opportunities and activities that are inclusive and promote mental wellbeing (such as leisure, education, employment, housing and general medical services), the Partnership Board is responsible for developing a fully integrated network of care and support.

Developments to date include:

·           The provision of integrated Community Mental Health Services.

·           Implementation of the Primary Mental Health Support Service.

·           Ensuring that every person who receives a secondary mental health care service has a named Care Co-coordinator and a Care and Treatment Plan.

·           Improved access to psychological therapies.

·           Production of the Dementia Action Plan,  to improve the provision of care and support.

·           Promoting use of the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards across health and social care.

·           Appointment of a specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) to liaise with primary care.

Priorities for the next year include ensuring that young people moving into adult mental health services experience a seamless service.


d. One system to improve Mental Health


The Partnership Board takes a cross-cutting approach by working with statutory, independent and voluntary organisations to facilitate and co-ordinate implementation of the six high level outcomes.

Achievements so far include:

·           Improved communication and shared protocols with Housing departments to reduce delayed transfers of care and to develop creative housing solutions.

·           Introduction of the Peer Support scheme.

Priorities for the next year are to progress work with housing providers to support people with mental health problems when discharging their landlord functions, to further reduce delayed transfers of care from hospital, and to promote the 'Time to Change Wales' campaign which supports people with mental health problems in securing employment.


e. Delivering for Mental Health


'Together for Mental Health' sets out an ambitious programme of change for mental health services and the wider public sector.  It is important that all sectors can deliver this change by ensuring that a culture which mental health promotion and anti-discriminatory practices is in place.

Achievements so far include:

·           Establishing the Cardiff and Vale Mental Health Partnership Board.

·           Introducing Mental Health First Aid Training.

Priorities for the next year include ensuring that clinical and social work interventions provide positive outcomes that can be measured.

Resource Implications (Financial and Employment)

7.         The estimated annual cost of mental ill health in Wales is £7.2 billion. By working together to promote mental health and preventing mental illness, we can reduce the financial cost of mental ill health in the Vale of Glamorgan and Wales.  The Local Delivery Plan is being delivered through the use of existing resources.

Sustainability and Climate Change Implications

8.         More effective and responsive services provide opportunities to reduce waste and duplication.

Legal Implications (to Include Human Rights Implications)

9.         There are no specific legal implications as a result of this report.

Crime and Disorder Implications

10.      There are no crime and disorder implications as a direct result of this report.

Equal Opportunities Implications (to include Welsh Language issues)

11.      The Cardiff and Vale Together for Mental Health Strategy sets out to deliver the same high level outcomes for people of all ages, aims to reduce stigma and to promote equality of life chances for all.

Corporate/Service Objectives

12.      The Delivery Plan will help the Council to achieve the following objectives:

          CYP5: Develop and enhance multi-disciplinary transition services for young people in need moving into adulthood. 

          HSCW8: Establish integrated social care and health assessment and care management teams for all adult services in partnership with the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

Policy Framework and Budget

13.      This is a matter for Executive decision.

Consultation (including Ward Member Consultation)

14.      There are no matters in this report which relate to any individual Ward.

Relevant Scrutiny Committee

15.      Social Care and Health.

Background Papers

Together for Mental Health – A Strategy for Mental Health and Wellbeing in Wales (2012)

Together for Mental Health – Annual Report 2012-2013 (Welsh Government (2013)

Together for Mental Health – Cardiff and Vale Partnership Board Annual Report 2012-13

Together for Mental Health – Cardiff and Vale Delivery Plan  


Contact Officer

Lance Carver, Head of Adult Services and Locality Manager


Officers Consulted

Andrew Cole, Operational Manager, Mental Health.


Responsible Officer

Philip Evans, Director of Social Services