Agenda Item No. 5









C2770            Disabled Facilities Grants Performance Report for End of Year 2014-15 (HBMCS) (Scrutiny Committees – Social Care and Health, Housing and Public Protection, Corporate Resources) -


Cabinet was apprised of the Council's performance delivering Disabled Facilities Grants during the financial year 2014-15.


The Council had a statutory duty to consider and approve applications for Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG) where there was an identified need and the property could be reasonably adapted. Disabled Facilities Grants funded the adaptation of privately owned homes to allow residents to live as independently as possible in their own home for as long as possible.


The time to deliver Disabled Facilities Grants was a national performance indicator. The Council had previously acknowledged its performance in delivering Disabled Facilities Grants had to be improved. A significant improvement was achieved in 2013/14 (284 days) and a further significant improvement had been achieved during 2014/15 which had seen the time taken to deliver DFG's reduced to 199. A detailed breakdown of the DFG service performance at the end of the 2014/15 year was included in the DFG Performance Review attached at Appendix 1 to the report.


The improvement was in part due to the introduction of a framework contract during the Autumn 2014. In addition to introducing the framework contract for builders, during 2014-15 the DFG service undertook a consultation event with clients, which took place on 3 March, 2015. Through this event it was noted that the service was valued by customers, and adaptations installed had made a difference to their day-to-day life. During quarter 4, the Business Improvement Team concluded work with the DFG service using the Business Improvement Toolkit to identify improvements in the service. The actions that were agreed and the ideas to be introduced where workable were included in Appendix 2 as attached to the report.


After presenting this item, the Cabinet Member for Housing, Building Maintenance and Community Safety commented that she was pleased significant improvements had been made, and she looked forward to further decreases in the delivery time of DFG’s. The Leader agreed that the improvement was very good news and that the department had received good feedback, with clients especially valuing the face-to-face service.


This was a matter for Executive decision




(1)       T H A T the report on performance for delivering Disabled Facilities Grant during 2014-15 be noted.


(2)       T H A T the progress made on process changes to improve the delivery of Disabled Facilities Grants be noted.


(3)       T H A T the report be forwarded to Scrutiny Committees (Housing and Public Protection, Social Care and Health and Corporate Resources) for information.


Reasons for decisions


(1)       To note the Council's performance delivering Disabled Facilities Grants during 2014-15.


(2)       To note the progress made to improve the Council's delivery of Disabled Facilities Grants.


(3)       In order for Scrutiny Committees (Housing and Public Protection, Social Care and Health and Corporate Resources) to review the performance of the service.



Attached as Appendix – Report to Cabinet – 11 MAY 2015