An Active and Healthy Vale 

We will work with partners to create an active and healthy Vale with opportunities for everyone.


Active and Healthy






By working together we are: 

  • Encouraging and promoting active and healthy lifestyles
  • Safeguarding those who are vulnerable and promoting independent living 


10 Family Icon


This will include ensuring the welfare and needs of children and adults 'at risk' are safeguarded and they are protected from harm. To help us to deliver this we will develop and implement a Council wide policy on safeguarding. 


33 Old People Icon


Working closely with our partners we will improve access to health and social care services by improving the speed, simplicity and choice of how to access services. We will also review accommodation with care options for older people and develop our commissioning strategy for future years.



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To help people to stay active and healthy we will work with partners to increase levels of participation and physical activity for all ages and also promote and provide opportunities for play to help children to learn and have fun.



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In recognition of the importance of our parks and green spaces we will continue to work with local communities and maintain Green Flag status for a number of parks across the Vale. Parks and green spaces are judged against eight criteria, before being awarded the coveted Green Flag Award. The criteria include community involvement, sustainability, management, conservation and heritage.