heritagecoastAchieving our Vision

The Council aims to deliver the right services to the right people at the right time and at the right costs.


It does this through its Performance Management Framework which links the highest level corporate plan to individual targets and objectives.



Our Vale - Our Future

'Our Vale - Our Future' is a five year plan and provides the framework for our core collaborative activities over the 2018-2023 period. By achieving the outcomes detailed in this plan we will take the first steps towards achieving our 2050 vision for the Vale. The plan details the four well-being objectives we want to achieve, the steps we will take to do so and what the outcomes of these activities will be for 2023.


Annual Self-Assessment 

The purpose of the Annual Self Assessment is to present a position statement on the Council's performance over the past year in delivering the Council's priorities in relation to our Corporate Plan.


Improvement Plan

Part 1 outlines what improvement initiatives are planned for the coming year. Part 2 outlines what the Council has achieved in the past 12 months.


Risk Management

Involves identifying and monitoring potential risks and determining ways of minimising the impact they could have on the Council.


HR Strategy and Workforce Plan

Supports the Council in achieving its priorities and sets out the key actions to ensure the Council meets its future workforce needs.

Medium Term Financial Plan

The 3 year rolling Plan sets out how the Council will fund its priorities as outlined in the Corporate Plan.


Corporate Asset Management Plan

The plan describes how we manage out land and property portfolio and supports the Council in achieving its priorities as outlined in the Corporate Plan.



Corporate Plan

The Council's key policy document. The plan is in place for four years and sets out how the Council will help achieve the vision outlined in the Community Strategy.


Service Plan

These are the key planning documents for each service area. They set out the key aims and objectives of each service area and provide a self-assessment of current performance.


Performance Management

Performance management is the way in which the Council measures, monitors and assesses its performance to ensure it can achieve its objectives and outcomes for its citizens.


Regulatory Reports

Each year, regulatory bodies report on how well Welsh Councils are planning for improvement in delivering their services.


Customer Strategy

Sets out what we will do to improve the way we deliver our services and clarifies our customer service vision for our organisation.


ICT Strategy

The ICT strategy supports the Council in achieving its priorities as outlined in the Corporate Plan and links in with the other strategic plans to create an overall plan for the delivery of ICT-related services.




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