Draft Annual Delivery Plan

The draft Annual Delivery Plan (ADP) details the actions that will be undertaken in 2022-23 to improve local well-being and deliver the Council’s four Well-being Objectives.

Our four Well-being Objectives are:


  • To work with and for our communities
  • To support learning, employment and sustainable economic growth
  • To support people at home and in their community
  • To respect, enhance and enjoy our environment

The draft ADP details work that will be undertaken by all Council services in 2022-23 to contribute to the Well-being objectives set out in our Corporate Plan 2020-25. Extensive consultation and engagement were undertaken to inform the Corporate Plan and this has also shaped the ADP.

We have also recently undertaken an extensive consultation exercise to inform a draft wellbeing assessment as part of our work with the Public Services Board, and some of the information we have gathered through the wellbeing assessment work has been considered when drafting the ADP.

Draft Annual Delivery Plan

The actions in the draft plan will be cross-cutting and contribute to multiple themes, as well as our four Wellbeing Objectives. These themes have been described below.  

Project Zero – delivering our commitments to tackle climate change and respond to the nature emergency. This includes a green infrastructure strategy, improvements to our housing, schools and other buildings, the promotion of active travel and public transport and installation of electric vehicle charging points as well as a focus on procurement and community engagement.

Community Capacity - increasing capacity within our communities ensuring they have a stronger voice and are able to influence and shape services and activities in the Vale. Across all the activities detailed in the Plan there will be an increased focus on community engagement.  A new public participation strategy will be published and we will continue the community conversation on climate change.  We will also take steps to increase youth participation and enable people to have more say in the work of the Council.

Hardship – meeting the needs of those experiencing hardship for example financial difficulties, housing need or difficulties accessing suitable employment. This includes reducing homelessness, money advice, the one stop shop, benefits and employment services, and food poverty projects, including projects in our schools to support pupils and their families. 

Care and Support – meeting the needs of our more vulnerable residents, ensuring people have access to care and support and information to keep them safe and well with due regard to their physical and mental well-being. The plan details a range of activity to support people including being more age friendly, safeguarding and public protection, working with children and their families and more integration across health and social care as well as a focus in schools on pupil well-being.

Transformation - this brings together work with the community and tackling climate change but also use of our technology and assets, workforce development and innovative projects and opportunities for changing how we work across all services from education and social care to waste management.

Infrastructure – investing in our schools and housing and ensuring we have the right infrastructure in the Vale to support economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being.  Activities include the 21st century schools programme, review of the Local Development Plan and building new council homes as well as working through the Cardiff Capital Region focusing on planning, transport and economic development across South East Wales.

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