Bro Tathan Y Porth Draft Development Brief

Public consultation on a draft development brief for the gateway site known as 'Y Porth' on the Bro Tathan Business Park.


Consultants (White Young Green Group) have prepared the draft development brief in conjunction with the Council for the Welsh Government.


The draft development brief provides guidance and planning advice in relation to new development proposals for the gateway site known as ‘Y Porth’ at the Bro Tathan Business Park.


Bro Tathan is identified as a Strategic Opportunity Area in the Wales Spatial Plan 2008 Update and is one of three key areas in the Welsh Government’s Cardiff Airport and Bro Tathan Enterprise Zone. 


The main purpose of the draft development brief is to:

  • establish a clear set of design principles that would be applied to achieve the Welsh Government’s vision for the site;
  • Provide the starting point for dialogue between developers, their design teams and the Council before the submission of any planning application; and
  • Play an important role in assessing developer’s proposals before and after the submission of a planning application.  

The Council is undertaking a formal public consultation on the draft development brief from Monday 14th December 2020 until midnight on Monday 1st February 2021 and comments can be made on the consultation form below. 


Once the consultation period ends, all comments will be reported to the Council’s Cabinet for their consideration prior to the final adoption of the development brief for use in the determination of future planning applications on the site.


Consultation documents 



If you require any further information about the development brief or the consultation process, please contact the LDP Team.