Empty Homes Strategy 2019-2024 Consultation

We're consulting on our draft Empty Homes Strategy for 2019-24. The draft strategy sets out the Council’s continued commitment to make the best possible use of the existing housing stock.

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Empty properties can be detrimental to the lives of local residents as they are a magnet for crime and antisocial behaviour, can drive down property values locally and contribute to neighbourhood decline and blight. They also represent a risk for the emergency services and put added pressure on various Council teams and service areas.


As at April 2019, of the 58,909 residential properties in the Vale of Glamorgan, 846 private properties were standing empty for six months or more.  This represents 1.4% of the housing stock.  Of the 846 private properties, 311 (36.76%) have been empty for over two years and 47 (5.56%) empty for over ten years.

The Council’s Cabinet (15th July 2019) approved the Draft Empty Homes Strategy 2019-2024 (“the draft Strategy”) as a consultative document.  Long term empty private properties (standing empty for six months or more) are the main focus of the draft Strategy. 

The draft Strategy follows on from the previous 2012-2017 Strategy and sets out the Council’s continued commitment to make the best possible use of the existing housing stock; and, the role that the Council and its partners will play in returning long term empty properties back into use, together with the resources, powers and processes the Council can use to achieve this.   

When dealing with empty property owners, a voluntary way forward is always preferred.  Advice, assistance and incentives reduce demand on Council resources and the need for enforcement action at a later date.

The key aims of the draft Strategy are to:

  • Assemble, maintain and improve the accuracy of empty homes data

  • Provide advice, assistance and financial incentives to reduce the number of long-term empty properties

  • Promote the whole Council approach to tackling empty homes

  • Prioritise empty homes for enforcement action

  • Raise awareness of the empty homes issue

Have Your Say

We invite you to take a look at the draft Strategy and let us know what you think by completing the online survey.  


Draft Strategy 2019-2024

Online Survey

Click on the following link if you would like to access a printable survey. If undertaking this survey in hard copy format or you would like to make any further comments by post, please send to:




Vale of Glamorgan Council,

Civic Offices, Holton Road,

Barry CF63 4RU.


The closing date for the consultation period is 22nd November 2019.

All comments will be reported to the Council’s Cabinet following the close of the consultation exercise to consider any changes to the Draft Empty Homes Strategy 2019-2024 prior to finalising for adoption.