FAQs on proposed Car Parking Charges

The Vale of Glamorgan Council has unveiled new proposals regarding car parking across the Vale. Here you'll find a summary of the proposals, as well as responses to FAQs.

Parking is an asset, that when managed properly, can benefit the economic activity of areas that it serves. Adequate car parking assists in facilitating good access to towns and amenities for residents, workers, shoppers and visitors.


The Council wants to invest in adequate car parking for residents, visitors and those who work within the Vale of Glamorgan. This means ensuring that car parks are well maintained and are accessible, as well as ensuring that there a range of options available to meet the needs of those who use them.


Having listened to public consultation responses and comments made by the Council’s Scrutiny committees, the plans for the next financial year represent a significant shift from what was outlined by the previous administration in 2018.


Proposal Summary

  • Town Centre Car Parking

    Charges will be introduced in Wyndham Street, Barry and Town Hall Car Park in Cowbridge. These will become designated 'shoppers car parks' and will have a 2hr free period. Thereafter, there will be a £2.00 charge for up to 4hrs, or £6.00 all day.


    The charging period for these two car parks is 8am - 6pm, Monday - Saturday. There will be no charges on Sunday.


    There will be no charge for on-street car parking and Blue Badge holders will be exempt from charges.


    Other town centre car parks will remain free of charge. These include Court Road Multi-Storey, Thompson Street, Kendrick Road, The Butts, Southgate and Civic Offices (weekends only).


    Llantwit Major car parks are subject to separate considerations and discussions with Llantwit Major Town Council and are not covered by these proposals. 


  •  Resort Car Parking

    Existing charges will remain as they are for the summer months but will apply year-round. These include Harbour Road (main and overflow), Nell's Point, Cymlau / Clifftop, Brig-y-Don and Rivermouth car parks.


    Charges will apply 7 days per week, with separate day (8am - 4pm) and evening fees (4pm onwards until closing time listed). Buses and coaches will pay a £30 all day charge.


    Parking permits will be made available for coastal resort car parks and can be purchased for 6 and 12 month periods at £50 and £100. These are usable at either resort car park.


    There will be no charge for on-street car parking and Blue Badge holders will be exempt from charges.

  •  Coastal Car Parking

    Coastal (non-resort) car parks will remain free of charge. These include Cold Knap, Bryn-y-Mor, Cwm Col Huw, Cliff Walk, Llwyn Passat, West Farm and Portabello.  

  •  Country Parks Car Parks

    Car parking charges will be introduced at Porthkerry and Cosmeston Country Parks to assist in supporting the services offered at these locations.


    There will be no charges before 10am to allow for local resident usage. After 10am, there will be a charge of £1.00 for up to 2hrs, £2.00 for up to 4hrs or £4.00 all day. Buses and coaches will pay a £30 all day charge.


    Charges will apply 7 days per week between 10am - 8pm (01 March to 30 September) and 10am - 5pm during the remainder of the year. 


    Parking permits are available and can be purchased for durations of 6 months at £30 or 12 months at £50 and can be used at either Country Park.



  • Why are you introducing the car parking charges?

    At present, the Council has few methods in place to manage parking demand at many of its locations. The proposed car parking charges will seek to:

    • Address the shortfall in funds required to maintain existing car parks.

    • Address the significant cost of maintaining resort car parks and surrounding areas (such as Barry Island and Southerdown) as the volume of visitors increases.

    • Provide a financial contribution towards the cost of providing on and off-street car parking for local residents and businesses.

    • Encourage less reliance on private motor cars that can cause congestion in our towns, villages and at visitor attractions.

  •  How have you decided on the charges?

    Resort Car Parks: Resort car parks such as Barry Island and Southerndown attract visitors year-round, and are at greatest cost to maintain (especially during peak season). A year-round charge where there previously was a summer charge only has been proposed to help address this.


    Town Centre Parking: Both short stay and long stay options have been proposed to ensure that residents who regularly take short trips to town centres are not disadvantaged and that businesses are not affected. However, the vast majority of town centre car parking remains free of charge.


    Country Parks: Charges will be introduced to assist in supporting the services offered at Cosmeston and Porthkerry. There will be no charges in force before 10am each morning to allow local residents to continue to access the facilities during the early morning. 


    Coastal car parks: Charges have not been proposed in coastal car parks as these are most frequently used by local residents.  


    The Council has previously consulted on various options in relation to managing car parking across the Vale of Glamorgan. This approach is derived from a number of Parking Studies undertaken by external Consultants in 2013, 2015 and 2018. It is also informed by a public consultation exercise undertaken during 2018, detailed consideration by Scrutiny Committees in 2018 as well as further discussions. 


    The proposed charges will be reviewed annually. Any additional or new charges or changes would only be applied following further engagement and consultation.  

  •  How will you use the money collected?



    • Allow us to further invest in car parking facilities.

    • Allow us to invest in alternative transport options, including the future provision of electric charging points and active and sustainable travel.

    • Investment in digital technology where possible to make parking as straightforward as possible. 

    • Ensure that the Council can continue to maintain and improve public car parks, town centres, country parks and resorts for the benefit of all, in the face of increasingly challenging financial pressures.

    • Provide financial contribution towards costs of providing on and off-street car parking.

  •  How will residents be affected?

    To minimise the effect on residents, no on-street charges have been proposed in any area of the Vale of Glamorgan. Additionally, there will be no charges or changes to the existing Resident Permit parking policy. 


    These proposals aim to reduce any negative impact on local residents and businesses by ensuring there is provision for short and long stay parking where possible and to continue to offer free parking at car parks used predominantly by residents.

  •  How will I pay for car parking?

    You will be able to pay for parking with coins, contactless or chip and pin. Digital payment methods including a parking app will also be improved through investment in new technology. Details will be available at each car park and on the Council's website.


    Season tickets will be available from the Council's website and from the Civic Offices. 

  •  Who is exempt?

    No charges or time restrictions will apply for disabled persons correctly displaying blue badges. In the same way, there will be no charges for solo motorcycles.


    Currently, there have been no proposed charges or changes to existing Resident Permit parking policy. 

  • How will you enforce displacement parking around Town Centres and resorts? 

    A further report will be considered by the Council's Cabinet providing an update on enforcement and to consider if any further residential parking provision is required.  

  • I visit Barry Island regularly all year round, how will this affect me? 

    There are a large number of parking spaces on street that will remain free to use. They are time limited in the summer and available all day in the winter.


    We will also offer an excellent season ticket option which for a period of 6 months would pay for itself in only one week if you visit Barry Island daily and stay for longer than 1 hour each time. This may be particularly useful for traders who currently struggle to park or park on street, freeing up these spaces for local visitors and shoppers.    

  • I am a regular visitor to the Country Parks, how will the charges affect me?  

    The charges have been designed to have the minimum impact on Vale residents. They start late which allows early morning users to visit the parks for free up until 10am. Also a low priced season ticket option is available which allows users access to both Cosmeston and Porthkerry at less than £2 per week, year round.