North Penarth Open Space Improvement Scheme

The Council is proposing to enhance and upgrade four areas of open space in north Penarth



The Council has received a substantial amount of section 106 funding following negotiations with the developers at the Penarth Heights housing scheme and is proposing to use it to upgrade and enhance open spaces in the area. The open spaces being considered are: 


  • The Dingle Open Space, Windsor Road;
  • Plassey Square Open Space;
  • Paget Road Open Space; and
  • Cogan Recreation Ground

Latest News

Cogan Skatepark set for £160,000 upgrade

New look Paget Road play area opens after £300,000 upgrade

Plassey Square Play Area Refurbished 



Consultation Responses

The consultation report gives a breakdown of responses to the consultation. 



If you would like more information about this project please feel free to contact us.