Penarth Skytown Gateway

Public art installation in the Dingle Open Space 



The Council secured funding through a Section 106 agreement with the developer of Penarth Heights to provide and improve public open spaces and facilities in the vicinity of the development. Part of this funding includes the development of Public Art for the area. 


The Dingle park is located off Windsor Road in Penarth. The entrances and boundary railings were considered to be unsightly and this was of a particular concern as they are situated at a key location off one of the main roads in to the town centre, giving a poor impression of the area. This area was identified as requiring an upgrade in order to provide a visually impressive, exciting and high quality gateway into the town.


A series of environmental improvements were proposed and consulted on including works to substantially upgrade the highway at Windsor Road, upgrade the boundary railings to Dingle Park and create a new entrance feature in to the park which would also form a stunning gateway feature for the town.


Cod Steaks

Cod Steaks were selected to create a gateway artwork installation following a process of open tender. They have an impressive portfolio of public art as well as projects from a rage of other industries including film, television, museum, exhibition and theming. 


Cod steaks have created a report for this project which covers all aspects from the initial community consultation, working with local schools to develop ideas for the installation, design development and work in progress pictures from their workshop.


Read Cod Steaks Full Report



The Penarth Skytown Gateway will be installed at the entrance to Dingle Park on Thursday 19 March. The work will take approximately one week to complete. We will share pictures of the artwork once the installation is complete and would encourage all residents to visit the park to see this artwork come to life.