Proposed Resident Parking Zones

Consultation on proposed resident parking permit zones. This consultation closed on 1 November 2020.



Several residential areas in the Vale of Glamorgan have long suffered the effects of high volumes of visitor parking. As a consequence, Cabinet met on 27 July 2020, to consider a report covering parking displacement in coastal and other locations, from the effects of high levels of visitor parking and approved a policy document governing resident parking controls. 

Whilst there is no legal right for residents to park their cars on the public highway, close to their homes, the inability to park on the highway at a sensible distance, due to visitor parking, can be particularly stressful for residents and can even affect their travel habits, causing unnecessary disruption to their private lives.

Increased displacement parking in residential streets due to the Council’s recent closure of certain car parks as part of its Covid-19 response has raised the profile of this issue as has the recent public consultation on the Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO) required to introduce car parking charges at certain town centre and country park locations. There is now an opportunity to address some of the concerns raised as many of these have been apparent for several years.

Why are we consulting?

We are seeking your informal views on the proposal.

If the majority of residents are in favour of the resident parking permit area, we will then formally consult again as part of the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) process.

This review is at an early stage and no decisions have been made. We would like to know if you think the introduction of such a scheme would be beneficial to your area and your comments will help us to reach a decision about whether to proceed or make changes to the proposal.

What happens next?

Following the closing date of the informal consultation on 1 November 2020, all responses will be reviewed.

Depending upon the level of support for the proposals, we will decide on one of the following ways forward:

1. If we do not receive majority support for your street, then the proposal will be omitted from the resident parking permit area.

2. If there are a high number of suggestions for alternative proposals, these will be carefully considered in line with our parking policy. If the alternative suggestions are deemed appropriate then we will change the proposals before undertaking formal consultation.

3. If there is a high level of support for the proposals, detailed plans will be drawn up and a draft TRO will be written and advertised allowing 21 days for formal consultation.


Following the formal consultation process, if there are no objections, the parking permit scheme will be introduced and the TRO made permanent. If objections are received, these will need to be considered and a report presented to Cabinet for a decision.


Have your say

We have written to all residents whose property is within one of the proposed resident parking permit zones. On the reverse of the letter you will find a map with a zone reference. Please note this reference in your response so we are able to measure the level of support in each area.


Local residents are asked to share their views either by:


Please respond by 1 November 2020.