Rhoose Community Facilities 

Consultation on how to allocate section 106 funding for community facilities in Rhoose


As part of the planning applications process, the Council has in recent years secured Section 106 contributions for community facilities from developments in Rhoose. 

A public consultation was held between September and November 2017 to determine how to allocate the first tranche of funding (£100k), and in order to prioritise this spending. Longer term potential opportunities for the second tranche (£343k) were also sought at this time.


The consultation report provides full details, and provides an overview of the responses to the consultation and the recommendations. 


Following this feedback, the first tranche of Section 106 monies were used to:

  • Upgrade Ceri Road Play Area - completed;

  • Upgrade Celtic Way tennis courts in to a multi use games area - completed;

  • Support a Welsh Hearts Defibrillator - completed;

  • Support Rhoose Community Cinema - completed;

  • Pay for new hall tables at Rhoose Community Centre – completed;

  • Provide drinks fountains at various locations in the village – installation imminent.


A further consultation event was held on 5th July 2019 at Rhoose Community Centre to enable residents and key stakeholders to keep updated with regards to the S106 community facilities contributions. A short survey was also provided for people to complete to provide further suggestions for the second tranche. Suggestions received were as follows:


  • Environmental improvements such as tree planting, wildflower planting etc. in nearby parks;
  • More benches in parks;
  • Milburn Park – new pathway around perimeter allowing disabled people access around the whole park;
  • Coastal path improvements;
  • Rhoose Library – an extension;
  • Rhoose Point Nature Reserve;
  • Support for Rhoose Bowls Club;
  • More allotment space for the village;
  • Celtic Way Park upgrade;
  • A 3G pitch to serve Rhoose;
  • Upgraded skate park.

The Council has now received the second and larger tranche of Section 106 Community Facilities monies, equalling £390,739.96 (increased in value due to indexation and interest) from land north-west of the railway line (expires 10/01/2025).


The agreement outlines that the contribution has to be spent upon the provision or enhancement of facilities (a park, building or structure) or services within Rhoose, which meet local community needs and are publicly available, which consists of either the provision of new facilities in the Rhoose ward boundary or enhancement of existing community facilities, such as Rhoose Library, Rhws Primary, Ceri Road Hall, Pavilion and associated Community Facilities, Rhoose Community Hall, Celtic Park Community Centre.  


Numerous third sector organisations whom provide community facilities have advised that they would like to be considered for Section 106 monies for projects to enhance their community facilities. The Council therefore proposes a two stage process for the allocation of any funds towards such projects.


Apply for Section 106 Community Facilities Money 

Stage 1. Please submit expressions of interest (in the form of a covering letter) to tell us about your project by 1st June 2020.


These will be considered by Elected Members and necessary departments.


The Expression of Interest will need to include, as a minimum, the following information:

  • Name of organisation and contact name

  • Address

  • Phone number

  • Project Title

  • Legal status of organisation

  • An overview of what the organisation does, who does it cater for etc.

  • Project Summary

  • Anticipated cost (including details of any match-funding)

  • An overview of how the project will add value to the existing activities and facilities, in Rhoose.

  • Details about any consultation that you have undertaken with the wider community to gather views about your project


Stage 2. Members will meet to consider the applications. If the project is successful, the applicant will then be invited to complete a full application for the funds. 



If you would like to discuss your project or check eligibility, please contact us. 


Or if you are not part of an organisation, but would like to suggest an idea for a project which the Council could deliver, please contact us.


Charlotte Raine, Senior Planner - responsible for Section 106.