Rhoose Community Facilities 

Consultation on how to allocate section 106 funding for community facilities in Rhoose




As part of the planning applications process, the Council secured Section 106 contributions for community facilities from recent developments in Rhoose. They are:

  • £86,876 from land south of the railway line (received, expires 30 July 2020);
  • £8,164.28 from the site to the rear of Tesco, Mariners way (received, expires 31 August 2021;
  • £2,552.00 from plot 1, 90 Fontygary Road (received, expires 4 October 2021);
  • £2,552.00 from plot 2, 90 Fontygary Road (received, expires 4 October 2021);
  • £343,009 from land north-west of the railway line (expected 2019, upon completion of 150th dwelling)

The agreements legally outline what the funding can be used for. 

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The consultation report provides full details on the responses to the consultation and the reccomendations.


A summary of the decisions taken is shown below.



Summary Results

Based upon the consultation responses and a recent meeting and consultation with the Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Planning, and Local Ward Members for Rhoose in accordance with the Section 106 Protocol for Implementation, in the short term it was determined that the above contributions are spent upon the following schemes: 


1. Upgrading the play facilities at Ceri Road (£70,000); 

2. Rhoose Community Cinema (£10,974) - via the Strong Communities Fund procedures;

3. A Community Grant Scheme (£10,000) allowing different groups such as the Library, Scouts, Homework Club, the Church and play school etc. to access funding for small projects – to be implemented via the Strong Communities Fund procedure;

4. Improvements to tennis courts at Celtic Way including resurfacing works, new posts and nets, installation of basketball nets and improvements to fences and gates. (remaining amount c. £17k) (once final instalment received from plots 3-5, 90, Fontygary Road, Rhoose)


The Council is also due to receive c. £343k from land north-west of the railway line (expected 2019, upon completion of 150th dwelling). In the long term, based upon this consultation, the key priorities for the village are:


• A community hub and location for all ages to meet and long term consideration for the library; - this was considered to be the most important project. 

• Investment into a number of parks in Rhoose; 

• A new strategic play facility for children and young adults to use

• A community grant scheme




Charlotte Pugh, Senior Planner - responsible for Section 106.