The Vale of Glamorgan Council is committed to eliminating discrimination and removing barriers to services, information, premises, facilities and employment.


We embrace equality of opportunity irrespective of disability, ethnic origin, colour, nationality, gender, gender identity, marital status, sexual orientation, Welsh language choice, culture and religion.


Strategic Equality Plan

The purpose of this Strategic Equality Plan is to describe what the Council is doing to fulfil its duties in respect of the Equality Act 2010 and the specific duties for Wales.


The public sector equality duty covers eight protected characteristics: Age, Race, Disability, Religion or Belief, Gender Reassignment, Sex, Pregnancy and Maternity Sexual Orientation


Annual Equality Monitoring Report

The Annual Equality Monitoring Report tells you about our equality work each year


The report sets out:

  • Steps we have taken to identify and collect relevant information
  • How we have used this information in meeting the aims of the general public sector equality duty
  • Reasons why we have not collected relevant information
  • Statement on the effectiveness of our arrangements for identifying and collecting relevant information
  • Progress towards fulfilling each of our equality objectives from our Strategic Equality Plan
  • Statement on the effectiveness of the steps that we have taken to fulfil each of our equality objectives
  • Specified employment information, including information on training and pay.