Porthkerry Country Park has launched new augmented reality app

25 May 2017

PORTHKERRY Country Park visitors can now step back in time and learn about iconic periods from the area’s past thanks to a new mobile phone app.

The app, designed by Jam Creative Studios’ and available on both Apple and Android devices, allows users to view animated scenes on their phones at various points in the park and also collect augmented reality (AR) objects as they walk around.

ARVisitors can watch the witch of Cliff Wood Cottage, Ann Jenkin making potions and see how the medieval Cwm Ciddy Saw Mill, whose ruins are only just visible today, would have originally looked.

In all there are five trigger points around the park, with another allowing those exploring to learn about how the viaduct was repaired by meeting Henry Ringham, whose company was brought in to carry out the work.   

Funded through a Barry Regeneration Grant, and the Heritage Lottery Grant, the app has GPS-triggered nature trails, which allow you to collect virtual plants and animals.

Information about myths and legends will be triggered inside various GPS story zones dotted around the park, while children can collect facts about animals while they run about the park’s meadow area. 

Once you have collected AR characters, stories, fauna and flora, they will be saved into your collections library to view whenever you like.

Those wanting to bring the park to life on their next visit, and make use of the app, will need a GPS-enabled mobile, a fully charged battery and possibly headphones.

After launching the app, select a trail and the map will show you where you are and the location of the collectables.

Once ‘Start Trail’ has been clicked, exploration can begin and progress is highlighted on screen.


A mobile device can be put to sleep while walking to conserve battery power an d unlocked when a particular zone is entered, which will be indicated by a phone notification.

The five trigger points are found on panels around the park, shown on the map, and once one is reached its contents can be revealed by pointing a mobile phone at it. 

The nature trail has GPS zones dotted around the park that trigger collectable information about a plant or animal when you reach them, the story trail reveals information about myths and legends, while six out of 10 animal print posts on the kids trail have special AR images on them.

For more information, visit www.valeofglamorgan.gov.uk/en/enjoying/Coast-and-Countryside/Apps-and-Activities.aspx