Barry mum hails Vale of Glamorgan Council housing development

A BARRY mum has been handed her “dream home” following a Vale of Glamorgan Council development costing nearly £500,000.


  • Friday, 17 November 2017

    Vale of Glamorgan

The Council spent £497,000 on building three bungalows with development partner LCB Construction in Gibbonsdown, two of which are specifically designed for the disabled.


All meet Lifetime Homes accessibility standards, while two have extra-wide hallways for wheelchair access as well as other adaptions for those with additional needs.

 Bungalow home

They were built by the Council between February and September this year and the plan is to continue constructing properties of a similar type in the future.


Four more bungalows and an adapted house are already in the pipeline, with the aim of creating a wider sustainable community.


Steff Chichester was on the Accessible Homes waiting list and, along with husband Lewis and 18-month old son Ezra, recently moved into her new property.


Having suffered from Osteogenesis Imperfecta since childhood, Steff’s bones break easily and she has undergone numerous operations to repair the damage.


Consequently, she uses a wheelchair some of the time.


Steff said: “We moved in on September 18 and it was amazing. It was a complete blank canvas, which was great and the bathroom had been specially adapted for myself. 


“There is so much room to move around the kitchen in the wheelchair so we’re so lucky. I feel blessed.


“It’s surpassed our expectations. It’s been amazing.


“Anything we’ve needed we’ve been able to contact the Council and someone’s always been on hand. The builders have been great as well.


“For us as a family, it’s given us everything. It’s made me more independent because of my condition and that’s made me a better mum. I can look after Ezra better.”


Having previously lived in a house not specifically designed for her needs, Steff admits life is now a lot easier.

 “My bones from day one were really fragile so I started breaking legs before I was one, then that carried on right the way through my childhood and I had to have a lot of corrective surgeries,” she added.


“I had surgery just before we moved in and I was able to use the wheelchair right around the property.

“We have an adjustable sink in the bathroom so if I’m using the wheelchair I can hoist it down to brush my teeth. For someone who’s spent their whole life managing and making do, now life’s been made so much simpler.


“The light switches are low so I don’t have to reach. In my old house I used to have a stick. Everything here has made me more independent.


“Even if we went and bought a house, we wouldn’t get what we’ve got here with the support that we’ve got behind us as well. The doorways are wide and I can get around the hallways.

“Everything is so wide and it’s been finished really well.”



Steff and bungalow