Saving Sully and Lavernock group donate defibrillator to Cosmeston lakes

Members of the Saving Sully and Lavernock Group (SSLG) have donated a defibrillator to Cosmeston Lakes Country Park, as part of their life saving project. 


  • Monday, 10 December 2018

    Vale of Glamorgan

The SSLG was established by residents wanting to improve the quality of life in Sully and Lavernock.


The defibrillator was handed over by Steve Thomas, Chairman of SSLG, on Thursday November 29.


The Cosmeston Lakes defibrillator is the latest installed in a life-saving project by the Saving Sully and Lavernock Group and The Old School Hall, Sully.


The group have also placed defibrillators at the Old School Hall, the Post Office and the Sully and Lavernock Community Library.


The defibrillator will be available to the local community and park visitors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


 new defib at Cosmeston




Community Councillor for Lavernock, Michael Garland added: “It is fantastic that we finally have a defibrillator installed in the Lavernock community.



"Anyone can suffer a cardiac arrest. In fact 12 young people die each week due to sudden cardiac arrest. Having a defibrillator located nearby can now help anyone suffering a cardiac arrest in the first three minutes to increase their chances of survival from 6% to 74%.”


The group have previously organised a sponsored walk to raise money to buy two defibrillators, one which was installed at the Jubilee Hall, and one will be installed in Lavernock.


A phone number on the casing, can direct users to the ambulance service which will give them the code to unlock the cabinet and use the defibrillator.