Council tax increase of 3.9% proposed for the Vale

The Cabinet of the Vale of Glamorgan Council has agreed to propose an increase in council tax for the county in 2018/2019 at next week’s full council meeting where the final budget will be set.

  • Monday, 19 February 2018

    Vale of Glamorgan


Cllr John Thomas, Leader of the Council, said:Civic Offices-007


“With both the demand for our services and the cost of delivering them continuing to rise, the challenges of supporting those residents that rely on the Council are more acute than ever. 


“The Vale of Glamorgan Council has always received one of the lowest funding settlements in Wales from the Welsh Government and we have seen a real terms cut yet again in 2018. This means that many of our important local services, including schools and education are grossly underfunded compared to the rest of Wales.  Although we aim to make savings in excess of £6.2m over the course of the next financial year, this cut still leaves us with no alternative but to look to raise revenue locally. 


“We are proposing an increase of 3.9% which equates to less than one pound per week for residents living in Band D properties. 


“This is not a decision that has been taken lightly and I am sure it will be the subject of healthy debate at next week’s meeting of full council. Given the inequality in the way Welsh Government funds different local authorities, with the Vale of Glamorgan having suffered from year after year of underfunding, it is, I believe the best way of balancing the need to support vital local services, such as education and social care, with our desire to keep any increase as low as possible.”

 Proposed council tax rates for 2018/19 are set out below. 


Proposed council tax rates for 2018/19
Band A   £791.28 Band F £1714.44 
Band B  £923.16 Band G £1978.20
Band C  £1055.04 Band H  £2373.84
Band D  £1186.92 Band I £2769.48 
Band E   £1450.68    


These will now be put to a vote as part of the Council’s 2018/19 budget at a meeting of full council on 28 February.