Cost cutting pool car scheme shortlisted for award

The car sharing scheme that saved the Vale of Glamorgan Council £126,000 last year has been shortlisted for a national award.


  • Friday, 19 January 2018

    Vale of Glamorgan

The pool car scheme which launched in 2015 has cut the cost of essential staff travel by more than £10,000 each month, something that has seen the authority shortlisted of most sustainable fleet management department at the LAPV Future Fleet Forum as a result.

Pool Car Corsa

Cllr Geoff Cox, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood Services and Transport, said: “Essential staff travel, like getting social workers to their community appointments, presents a number of challenges in the modern age. 


“The pool car scheme has been a great success not only in financial terms but also in freeing up staff time by and delivering a significant reduction in the Council’s carbon emissions. “The project was conceived and delivered entirely in-house and for it to receive national recognition should be source of pride for all involved.”

Initially projected to save £100,000 each year, the purchase of fuel efficient cars via an innovative ‘reverse auction’ and effective monitoring of where best to base the vehicles to ensure maximum efficiency has seen the scheme exceed this by more than 25%. 


The Future Fleet Forum is the only international public sector fleet management event that offers new ways of thinking, examples of global best practice and solutions to overcome the challenges of managing a fleet in a constantly changing political environment.