2017 Estyn Report

In December last year, a 2017 Estyn report stated that nearly all pupils enjoyed going to All Saints C/W Primary School in Barry, and demonstrated outstanding attitudes to learning. 


  • Tuesday, 13 March 2018

    Vale of Glamorgan


It also read that the school places a very strong emphasis on developing its pupils’ personal and social education.


The school was judged as Good in Leadership and management, Teaching and learning experiences and Standards. The school’s wellbeing and attitudes to learning and care, support and guidance were hailed as excellent.


all saints school

The school leaders were described as providing strong and effective leadership and the teachers and inspectors reported that the supporting members of staff were highly motivated, and passionate about improving pupils’ learning.


The report read that most pupils in key stage 2 contribute effectively in lessons, often giving extended answers to questions and making relevant contributions to classroom discussions.


Once the pupils have reached year 6, most are articulate and offer thought-provoking opinions, for example when discussing gender stereotyping


Recommendations for the school included improving standards of pupils’ oral skills in Welsh outside of Welsh lessons in key stage 2 and improving pupils’ experience at playtimes and lunchtimes, so that they have more opportunities to make purposeful use of their time in the outdoor environment.

Councillor Bob Penrose, Cabinet Member for Learning and Culture said: “This report highlights how much All Saints Primary School is improving and working hard to develop pupils’ personal and social education.


“It is great to read that the standard of behaviour and the self-discipline of almost all pupils in lessons and around the school are high, and that they show great respect for each other and for adults at a young age. A very well done to the teachers, staff and everyone at All Saints Primary.”