4000 tonnes of salt on hand as Council prepares for winter

A fleet of nine gritters is now on standby 24 hours a day in the Vale, along with a stockpile of 4000 tonnes of salt as the Council’s winter maintenance team prepare to keep the county moving during another cold winter.


  • Tuesday, 06 November 2018

    Vale of Glamorgan

Winter 2017/18 saw the team salt 24,000kms of road. 


Snow tweet infographic (eng)

This year a team of experienced engineers will provide 24 hour cover to evaluate the weather information of six we

ather stations across the Vale and nearly half of the Vale’s highway network, including main the commuter and bus routes, will be salted when road temperatures drop.


Residents will be informed each time the fleet is dispatched via the Council’s twitter feeds.





In the event of snow, the team’s priority will be to clear and plough all affected main roads between towns, distributor roads between smaller towns and villages, and those leading to hospitals, fire stations and other important facilities. 


In addition, this winter the Council has arrangements in place to better engage with local farmers and a range of specialist contractors who will provide snow clearance support if necessary ensuring roads can be cleared more quickly in the event of severe snowfall. 


Cllr Geoff Cox, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood Services and Transport: “It is usually only when we experience extreme weather such as heavy snow and flooding that the work of our highways and winter maintenance teams is highlighted, but council officers work hard all year to keep the Vale moving. Their extraordinary level of preparedness for this winter is evidence of that. 


“Keeping our roads clear and safe in sub-zero temperatures is neither easy nor cheap but we know how important the Vale’s transport links are to our residents and that is why we make this a priority area of work.“I would like to thank in advance the whole team for all the hard work that I know we can expect from them.”   

It is projected that the costs for the whole winter maintenance operation will be between £380,000 and £800,000 depending on the severity of the cold weather.


The total cost of providing the winter maintenance service in 2017/18, including the costs associated with the snow emergency in March 2018 was £768k.