Standards Committee-Vacancies

Independent Members are appointed for a period of between four and six years and may be appointed for a further consecutive term of up to four years. 


The Council currently has two vacancies for Independent Members of the Standards Committee.  This is a statutory Committee which plays a crucial role in maintaining high ethical standards at County and Community Council levels.  The role of the Committee briefly is to advise, assist and guide Members in the adoption, monitoring, operation, enforcement and review of various local Codes of Conduct, in particular the Code of Conduct for Members and other ethical guidance.  Full details of the Terms of Reference of the Standards Committee can be found in Section 8 of the Council’s Constitution.


Independent Members are appointed for a period of between four and six years and may be appointed for a further consecutive term of up to four years.  The Standards Committee meets between four and six times a year, although Independent Members may need to make themselves available for unscheduled meetings at a few days’ notice should the need arise.


The Standards Committee comprises five Independent Members, three County Councillors and one Community Council representative.  The roles of Chairman and Vice-Chairman are elected from amongst the Independent Members of the Standards Committee.


Suitable applicants will be able to demonstrate the following qualities and characteristics:

    • Good listener but inquisitive
    • Ability to weigh up conflicting evidence and reach an effective conclusion
    • Ability to work as part of a team
    • Respect for others with an understanding of and respect for strong ethical values
    • Integrity and good character.


A detailed knowledge of local government is not necessary although it would be an advantage if potential candidates were interested in matters relating to public life and services.


The following persons cannot in law be an Independent Member:

  • A serving Councillor or Officer (or the spouse or civil partners of a Councillor or Officer) of the Vale of Glamorgan Council, a Fire and Rescue Authority, a National Park Authority, or a Community / Town Council

  • Former Councillors or Officers of the Vale of Glamorgan Council

  • Former Councillors or Officers of any other County or County Borough

  • Council, Fire and Rescue Authority or National Park Authority until at least one year after ceasing to be a Councillor / Officer of that Authority.


The ability to speak Welsh may be considered by the Appointment Panel to be an advantage and the Panel may take into account the need to achieve a balance of skills, qualities and expertise on the Committee, as well as the need to represent the community as a whole and achieve a geographical spread of representation on the Committee.


An Independent Member should also not have had significant previous dealings with the Council which may compromise their impartiality, nor have a close relationship with any Member or Officer of the Council.


The Council is an equal opportunities employer and provider of services and welcomes applications from all sectors of the community.


Independent Members of the Standards Committee are entitled to claim the following fees as co-opted Members:

  • Chairman -  Daily fee £256 (4 hours and over) / £128 (up to 4 hours)

  • Ordinary Member – Daily fee £198 (4 hours and over) / £99 (up to 4 hours).


These payments are capped at a maximum of the equivalent of 10 full days a year for an individual, payments are for meeting time and include time spent on preparation and travelling.  For the purpose of any claim, a half day meeting is defined as up to four hours, a full day meeting is defined as over four hours.


In addition, there is provision for the reimbursement of necessary costs for the care of dependent children and adults (provided by informal or formal carers) up to a maximum of £403 per month.  Reimbursement shall only be made where the care was necessary to enable a person whose ability to participate would be limited by their responsibilities as a carer but reimbursement shall only be made on production of receipts from the carer.


Standards Committee Application Pack

Application Deadline: 23 November 2018.


For more information or an informal discussion, please contact Debbie Marles, Monitoring Officer:



It is intended that interviews will take place during the first two weeks of December 2018.


The successful candidate will be expected to take up their appointment from 13 March, 2019.