Caravan and Mobile Home Sites

The Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960 (“the Act”) requires that (subject to certain exceptions) no occupier of land shall “cause or permit” any part of their land to be used as a caravan site unless they hold a current site licence in respect of the land.

The Mobile Homes (Wales) Act 2013 created a new system of regulation for persons running residential caravan sites (but not holiday sites) and protection for persons who live on residential caravan sites.


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Application Process 

The site licence is ordinarily issued automatically on application once planning permission has been obtained.


Where the applicant already has planning permission when they provide the particulars, the local authority must issue the licence within two months of the particulars being given. If planning permission is not obtained until later, the licence must be issued within six weeks of the permission being obtained. In each case the period may be extended by written agreement between the applicant and the local authority.


Generally, there is no expiry date for a site licence. However, if the relevant planning permission is for a limited period, the site licence must expire at the same time as the planning permission.


Transfer of the site licence

If a site licence holder ceases to be the occupier of the land, they may, with the local authority’s consent, transfer the licence to the person who becomes the occupier of the land.


Power of entry

Under Section 26 (1) of the Act, authorised officers of the Authority have the right to enter, at all reasonable hours (after having given twenty-four hours’ notice) land which is used as a caravan site or in respect of an application for a site licence has been made.


Residential Mobile Home Sites 

The Vale of Glamorgan Council currently have five residential sites which hold licences under the Mobile Homes (Wales) Act 2013.  The site licences are available to view by selecting the links below:


Cambrian Residential Park



Castleton Caravan Park


 Ham Manor Park


Porthkerry Leisure Park (Residential) 



Millands Park




Background and Eligibility Criteria

Site licences may only be issued after the relevant planning permission has been obtained for the site.

Section 29 (1) of the Act defines caravan as “any structure designed or adapted for human habitation which is capable of being moved from one place to another (whether by being towed, or by being transported on a motor vehicle or trailer) and any motor vehicle so designed or adapted”.


Section 1 (4) of the Act states a caravan site is “land on which a caravan is stationed for the purposes of human habitation and land which is used in conjunction with land on which a caravan is so stationed”.


A site licence must not be issued by a local authority where, to the authority’s knowledge, a person holds a site licence which has been revoked less than three years before.



There are some exemptions where a licence is not required:

  • A caravan sited with the curtilage of a dwelling and its use is incidental to the dwelling. This means it cannot be occupied separately
  • A single caravan sited for not more than two consecutive nights for a maximum of 28 days in any 12 months. Up to three caravans on a site of not less than five acres for a maximum of 28 days in any 12 months
  • Sites occupied by exempted organisations such as the Caravan Club
  • Sites of up to 5 caravans certified by an exempt organisation and which are for members only
  • Sites occupied by the local authority. These are usually gypsy sites
  • Sites for temporary and special purposes such as caravan rallies, agricultural and forestry workers, building and engineering sites and travelling salesmen





Model standards have been published under the provisions of Section 5 (6) of the Act. The local authority is directed to have regard to the standards when deciding what (if any) conditions to attach to the site licence.



Supplementary Information 

The applicant will need to include details of the following in their application:

  • the type of caravan site for which the licence is required – permanent, residential, seasonal or touring
  • the maximum number of caravans that are proposed to be stationed on site at any one time for the purpose of human habitation
  • details of the arrangements for refuse disposal and for sewage and wastewater disposal
  • a layout plan of the site, to a scale of not less than 1/500, showing the boundaries of the site, the positions of caravan standings, and, where appropriate, the positions of roads and footpaths, toilet blocks, stores and other buildings, food and surface water drainage, water supply, recreation spaces, fire points and parking spaces



Offences and Penalties

Section 1(2) of the Act makes it an offence for the occupier of any land to cause or permit  any part of their land to be used as a caravan site unless they hold a current site licence in respect of the land.

Section 9 (1) of the Act makes it an offence for a site licence holder to fail to comply with any conditions attached to the licence. If the local authority is satisfied that a breach of a condition under a site licence has occurred, in the first instance it can instigate proceedings in the Magistrates’ Court.


If, after having been convicted of breaching site licence condition(s) on three or more occasions, a site licence holder continues to break conditions of the licence, the local authority may, instead of instigating further proceedings, apply to the Magistrates’ Court to have their licence revoked.


Where revocation is ordered, another licence may not be issued in respect of land to the same holder for at least three years.



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