Residential Broadband

Following the results of the superfast broadband programme, the following page gives an insight into the broadband provision in each community area, based on Welsh Government data.


Please note this may not be 100% accurate, as the data is pulled from a number of different resources and may have changed beyond the date the data was collected. Please download a map of your area to determine what the broadband speed looks like.


If you require finance to get connected, please check our funding for broadband guidance to see what support you can get.


Key to map


Next Generation Access broadband (NGA) refers to broadband connectivity speeds of over 30Mbps.


Not eligible – no access to a qualifying broadband

No access – no access to a qualifying network

Under review – premises which were due to get access under the previous roll out but it was unable to be completed

Poor Access – one provider exists or is due to be deployed

Good Access – at least 2 providers exist or will be deployed in the next 3 years