Green Community Energy

Helping you to identify the energy needs and opportunities in your community, and work with you to investigate them further


You may have ideas that harness the energy in your village or community, or you may have no ideas at all but would like some help to explore the potential for your area, either way, we would like to hear from you.


Green Community Energy



Please get in touch to discuss your ideas!


Here are some of the projects we are supporting under this theme

Green Community Energy

Community Energy Inspiration Evening

We recently hosted an event to inspire communities to develop community energy projects, please see the event notes below along with the speaker presentations. If you are seeking advice and support regarding a community energy project, please do get in touch.


Notes from the event


Jodie Giles - Regen


Phil Powel - Gwent Energy


Ant Flanagan - Gower Power


Event Report and Useful Contacts



Green School Challenge

This project aimed to work with schools in the rural Vale to develop an interest in green energy, whilst raising the profile of the ‘Green Community Energy’ theme in the wider community. Utilising the Eco Schools Energy Module, we created an inter-school energy challenge; pupils conducted energy audits in their own homes and communities.