Community Mapping Toolkit

As part of the pilot project, the Creative Rural Communities Team have developed a toolkit to help local communities engage and find out what is going on in their community. 


It is a user friendly guide to help communities understand and participate in the community mapping process. 


The toolkit aims to provide an overview to all aspects of community mapping including:

  • Pre-mapping - research work, framework and community network development 
  • Mapping - undertaking the mapping work with suggestions of different ways of engaging with the community
  • Taking actions forward and maintain momentum


The appendices give detailed guidance on developing a community engagement plan, preparing a community engagement event, ideas for community mapping activities and an example of a community survey.  You may wish to just pick out certain activities or ideas from the toolkit which your community may find useful.


It is important to be flexible in your approach to community engagement as there may need to be different approaches to different groups and communities or for a particular project.


community mapping - group discussion

Download Toolkit

We invite communities in the District to pilot the toolkit and provide feedback, so why not download the tool kit and try it!


Community Mapping Toolkit 


Appendix 1: Developing a Community Engagement Plan 


Appendix 2 : Preparing for a community engagement event 


Appendix 3: Community Mapping Activities 


Appendix 4: Sample Community Survey – St Athan Community Survey




We invite communities in the District to pilot the toolkit and provide feedback to the LSC team. If you have any feedback, please contact: