Charcoal Drawing

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Course Code - C1AR050A
Start Date - 10/07/2019
End Date - 10/07/2019
Course Day - Wednesday
No of Weeks - 1
Time - 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM
Tutor - Penelope Cowley
Charcoal Drawing
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  • Band A - £35.00
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Course Description

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Charcoal Drawing

This course will cover the techniques in charcoal, a gestural abstract drawing, followed by a still life to finish.


What do I need to bring?

Putty rubber, Charcoal and 3 – 5 sheets of cartridge paper or sketch pad (you may purchase charcoal/paper from the tutor- 50p per stick/sheet).


Meet the Artist Penelope Cowley

In 1998 I came to Cardiff to study at the Cardiff School of Art and Design achieving a 2:1 in Ba hons in Fine Art 2002. Following on from this I completed the PCGE in FE at University of Wales, Newport 2006.


I tutor people of all ages and abilities from Art A Level to Life Long Learners in traditional and contemporary techniques in all mediums. My classes are relaxed and informally informative.


My other Professional Practice:

I am a ‘Artsci Creator’ I am primarily focused on what is known in the public eye as “artsci”: creating works of art that explore scientific concepts and find new ways to imagine, explain and represent concepts that can be very difficult to communicate through graphs, terminology and statistics alone. Simply put: it blends scientific data with imagination and creativity to celebrate cutting edge ideas at the frontiers of our exploration of the universe in which we find ourselves.

Commissioned by academic departments in Wales and England such as the University College London’s Cosmoparticle Initiative , Cardiff School of Physics and Astronomy and Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre (CUBRIC), I have created large-scale paintings, videos and illustrations exploring concepts ranging from a variety of scientific fields: particle physics, cosmology, dark matter, gravitational waves, geometry, the golden ratio, mathematical patterns, infinity, and most recently, neuroscience and consciousness. My work has been published in Physics World, CERN Courier, CCQ, and a wide variety of academic and institutional blogs. I work through a mixture medium; video, audio, watercolour, acrylic, collage, sketching, bilateral ink and pen, digital art, video, oil on canvas

Venue - Palmerston Adult Centre Barry

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