German 1+

Course Information

Course Code - C2LA190E
Start Date - 07/03/2019
End Date - 04/07/2019
Course Day - Thursday
No of Weeks - 15
Time - 06:30 PM - 08:30 PM
Tutor - Alison Hannaby
German 1+
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  • Band A - £138.00
  • Band B - £109.50

Course Description

This course is a continuation from Term 1 September to February. However you can still join this course if you feel your German is at this level.


This course will introduce students to the basics of the German language in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. The emphasis is on speaking but we will also do reading, listening and written exercises to reinforce new vocabulary and grammatical structures.


The topics covered will be:

Introducing yourself (name, countries, professions, languages, numbers, hobbies, family)

The workplace (conversation and vocab)

In a hotel

Places in the town

Food and drink

Daily routine


Telling the time

Present tense of verbs, personal pronouns, questions, possessives, nominative, accusative and dative cases, modal verbs, prepositions, past tense.

Venue - Cowbridge Community College