Painting in Pen & Watercolour Wash

Course Information

Course Code - V2AR254D
Start Date - 21/01/2022
End Date - 18/02/2022
Course Day - Friday
No of Weeks - 5
Time - 01:30 PM - 03:30 PM
Tutor - Sarah Davies
Painting in Pen & Watercolour Wash
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  • £47.50

Course Description

Painting in Pen & Watercolour Wash

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Learn how to create beautiful paintings using the medium of Pen, Ink and watercolour wash.

During this course we will explore the different types and uses of Pens and Inks that are available to you, along with the different techniques of watercolour.


I will provide a series of images which I will email to you, you will need to print these out for the session or have access to them through a phone or tablet.

You are welcome to use your own images as well.


Equipment List:

A4 heavy cartridge paper or hot press watercolour paper

Dip Pen or old fountain pen

Pot of Black Indian Ink

Set of Fine liner pens

Set of Watercolours, pans or tubes

Set of watercolour brushes

Water pot

Masking tape

Venue - Village Hall Treoes

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