Drawing and Painting Mixed Media

Course Information

Course Code - V2AR286E
Start Date - 18/01/2022
End Date - 29/03/2022
Course Day - Tuesday
No of Weeks - 10
Time - 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Tutor - Chi Lee
Drawing and Painting Mixed Media
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Course Description

Drawing and Painting Mixed Media

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This course is encouraged to be developed your personal interests and ideas using a very varied and extensive range of media. The course is designed to enable learners to explore a range of 2 and 3-dimensional approaches to their studies.



Learn how to use charcoal, graphite pencil, pens, colour pencil and makers to effectively draw, individually or in combination with other materials. It is a very creative art, expressive portraits, landscapes, still life artworks and history of artists, using a combination of representational and expressive techniques.



Learn how to use watercolour paint, colour pencil, ink, acrylic, pastel and oil paint to produce artistic, colourful arts, using various dynamic resources to create a complex technique. Learn how to effectively paint with India ink and acrylic paint, Practice creativity and artistic expression.



Learn how to use optional materials such as newspaper, books, magazines, and gift-wrapping paper to produce interest and texture in artworks. 


What do I need to bring along to the course?

Materials are covered in the first section, but required materials include paper, pencil, colour pencil and some kind of paint such as watercolour, acrylic and brush, to follow along with the techniques. Charcoal, pastel, ink, pens, and makers are also suggested. Bring along other materials and having fun working with the various materials to produce expressive art.

Venue - Old Hall, Cowbridge

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