Small Business Rates Relief

Rates Relief for Small Business in Wales to 31 March 2017


Business premises with a rateable value up to £6,000 will receive 100% relief and those with a rateable value between £6,001 and £12,000 will receive relief that will be reduced on a tapered basis from 100% to zero.


Business rates relief

Illustration of approximate
Rateable Value

Percentage of tapered relief
% Relief

0-6,000 100
7,000 83.4
8,000 66.6
9,000 50.0
10,000 33.3
11,000  16.6


Where businesses receive a higher rate of relief under the current scheme than under the enhanced scheme they will receive the rate of relief most beneficial to them.



1. All business properties must be wholly occupied to qualify for relief.

2. Properties not eligible for relief include those occupied by a council, police authority or the Crown; those occupied by charities, registered clubs, or not-for-profit bodies whose main objectives are philanthropic, religious, concerned with education, social welfare, science, literature or the fine arts; beach huts; property which is used exclusively for the display of advertisements, parking of motor vehicles, sewage works or electronic communications apparatus.

3. The following will continue to get relief as follows and will not be affected by the temporary changes.

 Premises with rateable value between £10,501 and £11, 000 in receipt of  25% retail relief-. all others will receive the enhanced relief.  Post Offices in receipt 100% or 50% relief: Registered Child Care premises with rateable value £9,001 - £12,000 in receipt of 50% relief.