Sense of Play Project

Working together to meet the individual needs of the child and their family.

The Sense of Play Project was set up and designed by professionals in the Vale of Glamorgan for pre-school children with special or additional needs.


A Sense of Play Project Brochure


Sense of Play is a programme of tailored play sessions delivered in your home by a highly trained play worker. The sessions, which run for a period of 6 weeks will provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Spend an hour with your child where you can experience new ideas and play activities together
  • Expand and build a positive relaltionship with your child through play
  • Recognise the different stages of your child's development
  • Offer ideas, share knowledge and information regarding children's development and play


Watch the video to find out about the work that has been undertaken with families on the Sense of Play pilot project, how the project was set up and the training that has been provided to childcare staff.


To learn more about the project and how you can access it then please contact: