Youth Service

The Vale of Glamorgan Youth Service believes that young people regardless of race, ability, sexuality, gender, geography, creed or colour represent our most valuable resource.


We will establish partnerships with agencies, to ensure that young people will be given high quality provision offering positive choices and opportunities during their transition to adulthood in order to achieve their potential as empowered individuals, through participation in education initiatives that address issues affecting them.


The Vale of Glamorgan Youth Service establishes partnerships with agencies to help young people achieve their potential as empowered individuals, through participation in initiatives that address issues affecting them.


We are proud of what we have achieved with the dedication, professionalism and support of our youth workers, both paid and voluntary.



If you have any questions please contact:

  • 01446 709308 

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We aim to:

  • Establish and work in partnership with the people of the Vale of Glamorgan, to promote their personal, educational, social and cultural development.
  • Cater for identified learning needs, and to pay special attention to those young people and adults whose learning needs are most severe.
  • Become a service whose systems and contents are negotiated with participants, and a service for which participants share responsibility
  • Provide opportunities for young people and professionals to develop decision – making skills in matters, which affect themselves and their peers, and to understand and participate in the democratic process.

Mission and Values 

Information about the service including policy and procedures



 Mission Statement

DofE Scheme

Opportunities for informal learning including where you can go to get involved!


D of E

Youth Offer

Coming Soon!!




Youth Guarantee

Mobile Provision- V-Pod 

Latest information and news about the mobile provision



The V-Pod 

Pulse team 

Detached Youth Work across the Vale in high Anti Social Behaviour locations 


The Pulse  

Rollers Project 

Mobile skate ramp available for summer events and activities with the street team



Youth Centres

Find a link to all youth clubs, open times and locations across the Vale


Youth Centres 


Youth cabinet, Youth Mayor, Youth Action groups and the Rights Ambassadors


Youth Participation

C-Card Project

Sexual Health, Relationships and access to the C-Card scheme


C-Card Scheme 

Emoji's Project

Support and programme for young people with additional emotional needs


Emojis Project

G2E Project

Training provider for young people that are excluded from mainstream education


G2E Project

Training and Support

Training available in house and via external partners here!





G2E Schools, D2E school support and our Learning Coach


Youth Engagement

Youth Exchanges

Opportunities to be involved in learning abroad and in different cultures and experiences


Youth Exchanges