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National Youth Advocacy Service (NYAS)

NYAS offers independent and confidential information, advice, advocacy and support to children and young people who want their wishes and feelings heard when decisions are being made about their lives


Advocacy support can involve issues such as; contact with family, placement planning, disabilities, transition, short breaks, support to attend LAC reviews, access to legal advice, conflicting views with a social worker, access to files, to make an appeal/complaint.


Children and Young People

You can ask for this service if you are a:

  • Looked After child or young person
  • Care leaver
  • Subject to child protection case conferences
  • Child and young person wishing to make a complaint about a service you are receiving from the local authority


Professionals can also make a referral on your behalf, but they must have your consent to do this.



Professional Referrals

Professionals can make a referral on behalf of a child or young person, but they must have their consent to do this. To make a referral you will need to provide the following information:


  • Name, address, post code and contact numbers for the child/young person
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Referrers contact details, email, telephone, postcode, agency name and address.
  • A summary of why an advocate is required.
  • Health and Safety issues – identify risks
  • Legal status of child/young person – Sec 17, Sec 47, Sec 20, Sec 31


To make a referral please contact: