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Information on childcare, activities and services for children and young people and family support in the Vale of Glamorgan.


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Summer Holiday Activity Programme 2024

The Family Information Service have put together a calendar of events, suitable for children and young people in the Vale of Glamorgan:




Who are we and what do we do?

We are a first port of call for families looking for information and guidance on:

  • Childcare options, including childminders, out of school childcare, holiday schemes, playgroups, and day nurseries.
  • Help with childcare costs, including the Welsh Government 30 Hour Childcare Offer funding for working parents or students in further or higher education.
  • Parent and toddler groups, preschool activities and starting nursery school.
  • Activities and services for children and young people
  • Family support services including our Index for Children and Young People with Disabilities or Additional Needs.

This video explains more about the Vale Family Information Service and the types of information and guidance we can provide to you, as your child grows-up in the Vale of Glamorgan.



What we did in 2023

Here’s a selection of what we achieved in 2023:  


  • Achieved Families First Quality Award

  • Parent information sessions in the libraries

  • Family Christmas parties in Barry Memo Arts centre



Families First Quality Award


Family Information Service Enquiry Form

Contact FIS if you would like information on childcare, help with childcare costs, groups, activities or family support services. 


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Your Views Matter!

Please tell us what you think of our service and if you have found what you're looking for. This will help us improve our service for families in the Vale.





" I rang the FIS to ask about after school childcare, holiday childcare and funding, and also how to apply for this.  The team has an exceptional amount of knowledge, and they helped me straightaway.  They are very respectful, they listen, and they are approachable.  They want to help. I have recommended them to my friends."


"You guys really helped me out, sent me lists of available childcare in my area so I may go back to work and college.  I have recommended you to other parents."


"I contacted them, as I wanted a nursery using the medium of Welsh for my son.  They got back to me really quickly.  They also told me about the Childcare Offer.  The team is so helpful, I just phone them."


Reports and Marketing Materials


Childcare Sufficiency Assessment (CSA) 

We are pleased to present the Childcare Sufficiency Assessment 2022. This provides an overview of childcare provision and demand in the Vale of Glamorgan, encompassing the many different factors including the views from parents, schools, childcare providers and key stakeholders. 



If you don't live in the Vale of Glamorgan, find your local Family Information Service: 


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