Recycling and Waste

We offer residents a variety of waste and recycling services from kerbside waste and recycling collections to recycling centres.


Bank Holiday Collections

There are NO changes to waste and recycling days this bank holiday.

Please place at the kerbside before 7.00am on your normal collection day.

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Recycling Bags and Containers

*Please only order if absolutely essential*

As council offices are currently closed due to Covid-19, residents can order replacement reusable recycling bags or containers for delivery. Simply complete our online order form to request. We will aim to deliver within 14 days. Deliveries are due to start on Monday 06 April. 


Order recycling containers


Changes to Recycling in the Rural Vale

From 14 October 2019 residents living in the Rural Vale will be asked to separate their recyclable items into new containers. 


Separated Recycling Collections in the Rural Vale



Dogs Are Clever Campaign

We all know dogs are clever, for hundreds of years dogs have been used as working animals, trained to carryout a number of tasks including Sheep herding and even sniffer dogs to detect bombs and drugs. But one thing we are yet to be able to train dogs to do is pick up after themselves, so that is where you, the caring owners/dog walkers come in.


Dog Fouling


Use our handy A to Z guide to find out what household waste can and cannot be recycled

A to Z of Recycling