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You can report graffiti to us online.


We remove graffiti from:

  • Road signs
  • Bus Stops
  • Relevant land for which we have a cleansing duty.


Please Note: We have no duty/authority to remove graffiti from private property (unless offensive and only with the permission of the owner). It is the legal responsibility of the land or building owner.


We work with the Safer Vale partnership - subject to the owner signing a waiver, graffiti of this type may be removed by the Youth Offending or Probation Services.


Fixed Penalty Notices

Our Council enforcement and compliance officers may issue fixed penalty notices to those committing minor acts. Police and community support officers also have this power.


Report Graffiti Online

If you have witnessed an act of graffiti you can report it to us via our online form. We aim to remove offensive/racial graffiti within one working day.


Report Graffiti Online