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Commercial Waste with the Vale of Glamorgan Council

As a business, you have a legal duty to dispose of waste correctly. This is known as your duty of care.


You need to keep your waste safe and use a registered waste carrier to dispose of or recycle it. Your duty of care lasts from the moment the waste is produced to when it is received by your registered waste carrier.


As a registered waste carrier, our low cost, flexible and sustainable commercial waste service is designed to make managing your waste easy.


Commercial recycling vehicle and site


Please note: We have launched a new commercial waste service to help you meet the latest workplace recycling regulations in Wales. From 20 March 2024 you will no longer be able to purchase or collect rolls of clear commercial recycling sacks or blue commercial general waste sacks from our outlets. From week commencing 8 April 2024 we will no longer be able to collect mixed recycling in our clear commercial recycling sacks.


Why choose us?

 We make managing your commercial waste easy by offering:


Free duty of care certificates

You need a duty of care certificate as proof that you dispose of your waste legally and responsibly.


We provide free duty of care certificates for all our customers. 


You should keep your duty of care certificate for a minimum of two years.

A flexible service that is great value for money

 Our commercial waste recycling service allows you to choose

from three subscription options designed to meet the needs of all business types and sizes.


Our optional food and general waste add-ons give you the flexibility to customise your service and get the best value for money.

A sustainable service that helps you meet Welsh Government regulations

New workplace recycling regulations start from 6 April 2024. From this date, workplaces will have to separate their waste for recycling the same way most households do now.


Our commercial waste service is designed to make meeting these regulations easy.



Our services

 We have a number of cost-effective commercial waste management services available:

Our commercial waste services are VAT exempt.


Commercial waste option 1

Option 1

One 90L quad bag with four compartments for separated recycling, collected once a week.


 £104 annually


Select this option if you produce one or less bags of recycling per week. 


This option is suitable for small businesses that do not produce much recycling, for example:

  • Microbusinesses

  • Accountants

  • Estate agents

  • Small solicitors

  • Beauty salons

Commercial waste option 2

Option 2

A selection of up to four separated recycling containers, collected once a week.


£210 annually


Select this option if you produce up to four bags of recycling per week. 


This option is suitable for small to medium businesses that produce a similar amount of waste to a standard household, for example:

  • Coffee shop

  • Dental surgery

  • Larger offices

  • Small retailers

Commercial waste option 3

Option 3

 Bespoke bin package available on a rolling contract. There is a 3 month notice period to cancel.


Quote available on request


Select this option if you produce more than four bags of recycling per week. 


This option is suitable for medium to large businesses that produce larger amounts of waste, for example:

  • Restaurants

  • Pubs

  • Takeaways

  • Large retailers

  • Schools

Food waste and general waste

The following optional extras are available to add to your commercial waste service:

  • You can add a 23L food waste caddy to your service for an additional £104

  • You can add roll of 25 general waste bags to your service for an additional £120


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