FACT - Families Achieving Change Together

The Fact Team is a crucial part of the Families First project as it manages the referrals, and provides a team of support workers who will complete a ‘Joint Assessment Family Framework’ (JAFF) for each referred family.


This ensures that they deliver family support through holistic multi-agency service tailored to the identified needs of individuals and the family as a whole. The FACT Team has been developed in line with the 'Team Around the Family' (TAF) model and will be supported by a raft of supportive programmes.



Meet the FACT TEAM

  • Gareth Powell - Practitioner Manager

    Since completing my degree in Primary Education I have gained extensive knowledge and experience of working with and supporting families.  I have worked for Careers Wales, helping young people who were not in education, training or employment (NEETS) before progressing into management with Barnardo’s Cymru. 


    It was here that I set up and successfully managed an early intervention/prevention service that aimed to support families whose children were displaying challenging behaviour in the school, home and community. 


    I am very excited to have come to the Vale of Glamorgan to set up and establish the FACT service and I am confident that the staff will support and empower families to achieve their goals.

  • Amy Powell - FACT Project Worker

    After completing my degree, I began my career in an inner city comprehensive school, working with young people to re-engage them in the curriculum. I spent three years in this role before moving onto Barnardo’s Cymru, where I took up the post of a project worker for the Children’ Inclusion Project.


    This involved supporting young people (and their families) at risk of anti-social behaviour and offending and meeting their needs through a holistic range of interventions. 


    I am now excited to be starting my new venture as part of the families first team, at the vale of Glamorgan.

  • Alexis Morley - FACT Project Worker

    In 2007 I undertook two years training to be a Probation Officer in the Pontypridd office. On completing this training, I moved on to work for the charity Catch-22 on the Youth Inclusion and Support Panel.


    This project involved working with young people aged 8-16 years that were at risk of offending behaviour and social exclusion, and their families. This involved both delivery of direct work, and signposting. After two years in this role, I moved to work for Sova a Peer Mentoring Support Scheme. This role involved training and supporting volunteers to be peer mentors to ex-offenders in their local communities.


    I am excited to join the Vale of Glamorgan working within the Families First FACT Team

  • Rob Couchman - FACT Project Worker

    Prior to working as a project worker with the Vale of Glamorgan’s Family First team, I have worked as a care officer at a secured home and as a project worker at Barnardo’s. I have gained substantial experience engaging and supporting families, children and young people with intensive and therapeutic programmes.


    I am enthused with the success of families, their children and young people, my work has had an influence on my decision in attaining qualifications in children’s and young peoples social care and counselling. To date I am currently conducting research for my Masters in Special Educational Needs with the University of Wales, Newport




You can only make a referral to FACT if you are a professional, you cannot self-refer to FACT

Referral Criteria:

  • Children and Young People are aged between 0-18 years of age, living within the Vale of Glamorgan
  • The needs of the family cannot be addressed by one service only
  • Child or young person is not open to Social Services
  • There is concern about a child or young person’s progress or wellbeing i.e. Family environment, Child/Young Person Development, Child/Young Person’s Learning, Child/Young Person Social Interactio


Please Note: Referral forms are available from the FACT Team (professionals only)    



Projects supporting FACT  

  • The Putting Families First Programme
    The Putting Families First runs in targeted Primary schools across the Vale of Glamorgan.

    Its focus is to remove barriers to engagement through a raft of individual and group activities, sessions and interventions such as the family engagement programme; parenting programmes; play development; first aid and basic skills. The long term aim of the project is to engage identified families; improve parenting, social and educational skills to ensure better family relationships and improve education, employment and training opportunities for the whole family

  • The Young Carers
    The Young Carers project provides a bespoke support and respite activities for young carers aged 7-16 which will build confidence, motivation and encourage engagement and offer, the family advice and guidance on educational achievement, training and employment opportunities. 
  • Young People Support Programme

    The Young People Support Programme targeted at young people age 10-19, enables and  supports potentially NEET young people and their families to develop social and personal skills and to encourage positive attitudes to learning.

  • Partnership for Young Parents (PYP)

    PYP provides a bespoke provision for pregnant teenagers and teenage mothers (up to 19 yrs) and improves their parenting skills and provides education (basic skills) and additional support to young parents.

  • Raising Awareness of Welfare Rights

    This project focuses on providing information, advice and guidance on how families can access their full entitlement of welfare benefits and services it targets low income families deemed to be in poverty and families with disabled children and young people.    

  • Family support Programme

    A bespoke family support service. The service will target families in the rural Vale with a child under 4 residing in the wards of Llantwit Major and St Athan. Identified families will receive early years support from early years workers complementing existing services. This service will mirror some of the Flying Start type services and build on the early years investment in a geographical area where significant numbers of families progress to higher need services.

  • C-Card Scheme

    To provide information, advice and guidance to professionals, young people and families on healthy relationships and sexual health information. To bring about a reduction in sexually transmitted infections and reduce pregnancy rates for young people ages 14 to 19 through increased access to sexual health information and condoms at convenient times to them.  

  • Family mentoring and volunteer mentoring support

    The project seeks to strengthen links between home and school for primary and secondary aged children particularly during transition from primary to secondary education; with a view to improve inclusion and attendance. The project aims to provide children and their families with the confidence and self esteem needed to gain the skills and knowledge to achieve their full potential through, transition programmes, group sessions, parenting programmes, home visits, literacy and emotional intervention. The project also aims to develop volunteer mentors.

    The support will be community based enabling families to access services that best suit their needs in the local community.




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