A Referendum occurs if the UK Government want the public to express their opinion on an important issue.


How is a Referendum different to an Election?

A Referendum is asking you for your opinion on a particular question. 

An Election is asking you to choose/vote for a particular person or political party.

Ballot Paper Example (EU Ref)
Therefore, the Referendum ballot paper will usually show a 'yes' or 'no' style answer option rather than show a list of political parties/candidates.

You will still vote at a polling station or vote by post to give your opinion. 


Can I vote in a referendum in the UK?

 Yes if . . .  No if . . .

You are on the Electoral Register before the new applications deadline.

You are not on the Electoral Register before the new applications deadline.

Your nationality is British.

You are a European Citizen.

You are 18 years old or over. You are 16 years old or younger.
You are a British Citizen that lives outside of the UK.  

How do I vote in the referendum?

Before you can vote you must be on the Electoral Register.

If you need to register to be added to the Electoral Register, please visit our How To Register webpage by clicking the button below:


How To Register


If you would like to check your register status, please visit our Contact Us webpage by clicking the button below to find our contact details:


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Why should I vote, do I have to?

Voting is your way of telling the government what you think about the issue, you only have one chance to do this (on poll/voting day).

The following websites may have further information, to help you make up your mind, about how you want to vote:

Voting is always a choice so it is entirely up to you whether you vote or not.



I’ve opted out of the open register, can I still vote in the referendum?

Yes, opting out of the Open Register does not affect your right to vote.


The Open Register is an extract of the Electoral Register but it is not used for referendums.

It can be bought by any person, company or organisation for marketing purposes only.

Your name and address will be included in the Open Register unless you ask for them to be removed (opted out).




Local Count Totals for EU Referendum June 2016 - bilingual declaration



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