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What is Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction Scheme?

It is help with your private or Council rent and Council Tax payments. If you are on a low income, you may be entitled to some help in paying your rent and / or your Council Tax.


There are three main types of benefit that can be administered Rent Rebate, Rent Allowance (known collectively as Housing Benefit), or Council Tax Reduction Scheme.


The benefit paid to Local Authority Tenants is known as Rent Rebate, whilst benefit paid to Private Sector Tenants, including Housing Association tenants, is known as Rent Allowance. There is also a similar benefit paid on the Council Tax, this is known as Council Tax Reduction Scheme.


Central Government makes the income and housing cost expenditure rules, but the Vale of Glamorgan Council administers the scheme for them.


Housing Benefit can be applied for by anyone who pays rent to a Private Landlord, a Housing Association or to a Local Authority. The amount of Housing Benefit that a person qualifies for depends upon the level of their income and capital, and the number, age and circumstances of people in the claimant's household.


Council Tax Reduction Scheme can be applied for by anyone who is liable to pay Council Tax (i.e. the person who receives the Council Tax bill, or their partner). The amount that they qualify for is also based upon the principals for Housing Benefit.


Who can apply?

Applications are received from all classes of the population as the criteria for application is based on the income and housing cost expenditure. If in doubt, apply. We are here to help and assist.


How do we pay?

The Council pays Council Tax Reduction direct to the Council Tax Account. The Council pays Housing Benefit by BACS four weeks in arrears to the tenant, or the landlord direct in certain circumstances.


Changes in Circumstances

During each benefit period you may have certain changes in your circumstances, such as a change of job, the receipt of another state benefit, or someone moving in, or out of your house. You must notify this office of all changes in your circumstances, in writing, as soon as they happen.


Increases in Benefit: if you do not tell us about a change within one month of the change for Housing benefit and 21 days for Council Tax Reduction, then you may lose out on benefit. Do not assume that the Department of Works and Pensions will notify this office on your behalf. If in doubt, telephone this office for advice, or write to us with the information that you have. We will then decide whether or not this information will change your benefit.


Reductions in Benefit: if you do not inform us of a change in your circumstances, and we find out about the change at a later date then your benefit will be amended from the date of the change, and any resulting overpayment of benefit will be recovered from you.


Wilful failure to inform us of a change in your circumstances is a criminal offence and could lead to prosecution.


Claimants Guide to Housing Benefit and CTRS

A guide is attached to assist in the completion of the Benefit Application Form.


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