Renew an Item Online

It has never been simpler to renew a library item

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What you will need

To renew an item online you will first need to obtain a PIN number from your local library, please ask staff at your nearest library to allocate one to you.


Once you have received your PIN you're all set to start renewing your items online via our online catalogue.


How to renew an item online

  1. Click on Log on / Join icon
  2. Enter your Library card number and your PIN.
  3. Click Sign In.
  4. Your name should now appear at the top of the search screen.
  5. Click on the My Activities icon.
  6. Then click on the link My loans with possibility of renewals.
  7. A list of the items you have on loan should appear.
  8. To renew any of them click the tick box next to them and click Renew. (If there is no tick box there should be a message explaining why you cannot renew that item).
  9. A dialogue box should appear confirming the renewal and you should click OK.
  10. You should then be returned back to the list of your loans. Please check the new due date listed against the renewed item.
  11. Remember to click Log off at the end of your session.