Transforming Secondary Education in Barry

Consultation on the proposal to transform English medium secondary education in Barry



In 2015 the Council consulted on a proposal to transform secondary education in Barry by creating a new single sex super school which would be located across the current sites of Barry Comprehensive School and Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Morgannwg. Based on the feedback from parents, pupils, teachers and governors the Council decided to explore other options for the transformation of secondary education in Barry. 


An advisory board, made up of head teachers of Barry and Bryn Hafren Comprehensive schools, governors, local councillors, primary and secondary school teachers and senior Council officers, have come up with new proposals for English and Welsh-medium secondary education in Barry based on detailed information gathered during the last consultation and in the year following.

A new proposal to increase the number of places at Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Morgannwg was consulted on in June.


The proposal

  • To establish two new mixed sex comprehensive schools for pupils aged 11 – 18 in Barry
  • Why is the Council proposing this change? 
    There are a number of reasons why we feel that it is the right time to transform English medium secondary education in Barry. Firstly, because previous consultations have highlighted the demand for mixed sex secondary education in Barry. Other reasons include the number of pupils attending each of the schools has declined in recent years and the Council needs to take action to increase the number of pupils applying to these schools. The condition of the school buildings is another reason for the proposed transformation. Investment in the new schools would allow the Council to provide learning environments that are fit for the 21st century. Finally and perhaps most importantly are the education outcomes. Both Bryn Hafren and Barry Comprehensive schools have been deemed as needing 'significant improvement' by Estyn. We believe this proposal can help deliver the change needed to help pupils achieve their full potential. 
  •  What does this mean?
    In order to establish two new mixed sex schools the current single sex comprehensive schools, Bryn Hafren and Barry Comprehensive schools would be closed. A joint sixth form would be established across the two schools. 
  • What will the new schools look like? 
    The Council is proposing to build a new comprehensive school on the current site of Barry Comprehensive School and to refurbish and improve the current facilities at Bryn Hafren Comprehensive School to create two modern learning environments.
  •  Who will govern the schools?
    New governing bodies will need to be established, and they will be responsible for appointing head teachers for each new school. Leadership and staffing  structures will fall to the new governing bodies, and will need to be designed to meet the needs of each new school. The Council will strongly advise governing bodies that roles are ring-fenced as far as possible between both schools to ensure stability, consistency and support for pupils. 
  •  What about the 6th form?
    In creating a joint sixth form the aim is for the two schools to specialise in specific areas of post 16 education. This will allow pupils from both schools the same opportunities for post 16 education. Much like the current joint sixth form, pupils will be registered at both sites but may be required to travel between the two campuses for different subjects.
  •  What about catchment areas?
    As the current schools share the same catchment area, two new school catchment areas will be established. Please type in your home postcode in the search box below to check the proposed catchment area arrangements. There will be 1,100 places available at each of the schools with an admission number of 180 pupils per year. Catchment area maps have been drawn up and can be found in the consultation document below. Please note that catchment areas only apply when the number of pupils applying to the school exceeds the number of places available.
  • How will current pupils be affected? 
    If the proposal is approved the aim is to open the two new schools in September 2018. Parents of pupils in years 7 to 10 will be asked to express a preference for a place at one of the new schools.  Places will be allocated through the Council’s admissions process. To avoid disruption in preparation for GCSE examinations pupils in year 11 will remain in their existing classes and will be registered at the school opening on the site of their existing school. Pupils entering years 12 and 13 will also be registered at the school opening on the site of their current school but will remain in their current classes for 2018-19.


Catchment area search/maps

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Alternatively you can download a list of addresses that lie within the proposed catchment area of the new schools.



More information 

More detailed information about the proposal and how it could affect you can be found in the consultation document, letter to stakeholders and community impact assessment below. 



Have your say


This consultation ran from 5 September to 17 October 2016 and is now closed. 



Consultation Report

The authority is grateful to everyone who took the time to consider our proposal and to those who let us know their views.  All comments were considered by the Council's Cabinet on 12 December 2016. 


The Consultation Report is available to download or hard copies of the report are available on request by either contacting the Learning and Skills Directorate on the details below.


Feeder School Consultation Workshop Report


Publication of Statutory Notice to establish new English medium mixed-sex secondary schools in Barry

The Council's Cabinet have agreed to publish a statutory notice to establish new English medium mixed-sex secondary schools in Barry. The notice will run from 3 January 2017 to 31 January 2017.


The statutory notice is available to download or a hard copy is available on request by contacting the Learning & Skills Directorate, details below.


Objections should be sent to Paula Ham, Interim Director of Learning and Skills at the address below.



For more information please contact the School Organisation Team.



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