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You'll find a spectacular array of books and services on offer Children and Young People in the Vale.


We also offer a fantastic set of online resources that children and young people can access at any time of day. We provide ebooks, audiobooks, games, homework help and much more. 



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To learn more about Chatterbooks visit the

Reading Agency website.


A number of libraries run 'Chatterbooks' reading groups for children aged between 4-12 years.

We celebrate all kinds of books and introduce our members to lots of different genres! 

Get in touch with your local library to join

homework help

Homework Help 

In need of some help with your homework?

We provide 24 hour access to lots of books and resources that will help you with your homework and school projects.



Homework Help

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Cyber Safety

The Internet is a great place to learn new and exciting things. Most important, you should be safe and have fun. Here are some tips for you to learn how to be smart and safe whilst you are online.


Stay Safe Online Tips

Under 5s

Check out our baby section for lots of useful information about Storytimes, Bookstart and Bookstart Bookcrawl sessions happening in Libraries across the Vale of Glamorgan.



Support and information

Useful Websites


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Ziptales helps to make reading FUN!

The online library consists of over 550 interactive stories and activities with voice overs, animations, quizzes, games and more for children aged 4 - 12+ years.


Please visit the Ziptales website to login. You will be automatically logged in if accessing via a library computer.

If you are logging in remotely, e.g. from home, you will be asked for your library card number.

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Who Next...?

Have you read all of the books by your favourite author and would like some help to find where to go next? Are you looking for authors who write in a similar style, or are you searching for inspiration to find something different to read? Who Next...? can help! You can find out more on the Who Next...? website.


Visit Who Next...? on a library PC

Visit Who Next...? remotely, e.g. from home: you will be asked to type in your library card number.