Healthy Childcare



Gold Standard Healthy Snack Award

Cardiff and Vale Gold Standard Healthy Snack Award is open to day nurseries, Flying Start groups, playgroups, meithrins, childminders and after school clubs. You can achieve the award if healthy snacks and drinks are provided and guidelines on hygiene and the eating environment are met. If a group meets this criteria and has a member of staff trained in nutrition, they can achieve the ‘Gold Plus’ award. 


Being part of the scheme shows a commitment to children’s health and encouraging good eating habits. It shows that a setting is putting recommendations from the Food and Health Guidelines for Childcare and Early Years Settings (WAG, 2009) into  practice.

For more information contact Marie Price:



Free Health and Wellbeing Check

The 'Add to your life' health and wellbeing check is a free service in Wales which checks your physical health, including your food and alcohol consumption, exercise and BMI, and your mental health and wellbeing. It also provides lots of tips and information from health experts to help make you feel better. You can do the assessment on line and it only takes a few minutes:


'Add to your life' health and wellbeing check


Infection Prevention and Control for Childcare Settings

New guidance has been produced setting out basic infection prevention and control practices required within settings providing day care for children under the age of 5 years. This new guidance replaces the Welsh Assembly Government (2006) document 'Mind the Germs - Infection Control Guidance for nurseries, playgroups and other childcare settings.'


Infection Prevention and Control for Childcare Settings (0-5 years)


Promoting Health and Wellbeing at Work 

The Small Workplace Health Award is a fully funded national workplace health and wellbeing initiative. It is the national quality mark for health and wellbeing at work, and a scheme that helps employers develop key areas such as the management of sickness absence, stress, musculoskeletal disorders, etc The award helps to demonstrate an organisations’ commitment, to maintaining and improving the health of their workforce. The award programme consists of bronze, silver and gold levels. Further information is available from their website below. If you are interested in signing up for the award contact your local advisor, Chris Garlick:


Healthy Working Wales


Health Challenge Wales Leaflets

Introducing solid foods, immunisation, healthy food recipes


Health Challenge Wales


Useful websites and food technology resources


Every Child Wales


This website is full of ideas to help you give your child a healthy and happy future.



First Steps Nutrition Plus


Provides information and resources to support eating well from pre-conception to five years. Contains lots of booklets to print off from ideas for packed lunches, recipe books, fussy eaters and eating well during pregnancy.


The Eatwell Guide 


The Eatwell Guide shows the different types of food we need to eat to have a well balanced and healthy diet. 


Cool to Cook (Meat Promotion Wales)


Lots of recipes using Welsh meat – available in Welsh and English.


Food Preservation - Cans in the Classroom


Information on how and why food is canned. Lots of design and make activities and recipes.


Milk - The Dairy Council


Information and leaflets on milk and calcium.


Cheese – British Cheese Board


Class activities and recipes using cheese, suitable for both Foundation Phase and KS2.


Eggs – Cracking Eggs activities


Class activities and recipes using eggs, suitable for both Foundation Phase and KS2. Interactive children’s website. 


Substances in Pre-School

A leaflet has been produced by Public Health Wales in line with this topic to support professionals working with children. Please see the leaflet below. For further information, please also visit the Red Button website: